RT's Nyzul Isle Static

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RT's Nyzul Isle Static

Postby Jevelant » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:11 am

Please check this link before each Run for changes.
Floors 1-5 Have been cleared!!!!!
On Tuesday we will start on floor 6!!



Static Entrance Time

~~Tuesday's 7pm EST~~ For Nyzul Isle Investigation
~~Friday's 9pm EST~~For Captian Static

Robthunder: Monk75, SJ: drk thf sam war nin
----------a. Intrested in Denali Set
----------b. Intrested in Goliard Saio
----------b. MNK Knuckels

Mattlightning: Drg75, SJ: blu, rdm, war
----------a. Intrested in Askar set
----------b. DRG Polearm
---Has decided to Pass Askar Hands and Feet To Jevelant for first Drop.

Jevelant: Pld75, SJ: war, nin, mnk
----------a. Intrested in Askar Set
----------b. PLD Sword
---Has Decided to pass Askar Legs and head to Mattlighting for first drop

Stresa: Whm75, SJ: rdm, blm, smn, nin
----------a. intrested in Goliard Set
----------b. WHM Club

Lovemenot: Brd75 (whm rdm blm smn war) SJ: all w
Taffey: Rng75 (pld mnk nin sam) SJ: all w
----------a.Goliard Set

Ricciardo: Rdm75 (thf) SJ: all
----------a.Denali Chausses
----------b.THF Relic Dagger
----------c. RDM Sword

Layout List: Please check this link for all mob changes. we will post strats for each type of layout here.

Layout 1 (Aquans): Greatclaw x6, Stygian Pugil x4, Kulshedra x2
Sleep all. Be sure to Dispell them when needed. Please assist <tank>

Layout 2 (Amorphs): Bouncing Ball x3, Thousand Eyes x3, Mousse x4, Black Pudding x2
Sleep all please assist <tank> Stay outta AoE Range Mages

Layout 3 (Arcana): Killing Weapon x2, Ominous Weapon x2, Magic Flagon x2, Friar's Lantern x2 (Previously Cannonball x2), Sweeping Cluster x2, Friar's Lantern x2 (Previously Bifrons x2)
Please be ready to Stun Explosions.

Layout 4 (Undead): Garm x3, Tainted Flesh x3, Draugar x4 (Black Mage x2 / Thief x2), Bhoot x2
Will be difficult to sleep Becareful about pulling Do not Link

Layout 5 (Vermin): Carmine Eruca x3, Spinner x3, Wamouracampa x4, Wamoura x2

Layout 6 (Demons): Imp x10, Psycheflayer x2
Mages stay outta AoE Range

Layout 7 (Dragons): Puk x10, Wyvern x2

Layout 8 (Birds): Marsh Murre x3, Lesser Colibri x3, Ziz x4, Peryton x2

Layout 9 (Beasts): Wild Karakul x3, Wajaom Tiger x3, Manticore x4,
Marid x2

Layout 10 (Plantoids): Death Cap x3, Puktrap x3, Leshy x4, Ameretat x2

Layout 11 (Lizards): Sand Lizard x3, Deinonychus x3, Bull Bugard x4, Wivre x2

Layout 12 (Amorphs #2): Bouncing Ball x5, Thousand Eyes x5, Mousse x2

Layout 13 (Other): Peryton x10, Mousse x2

Layout 14 (Other #2): Draugar x10 (Black Mage x5 / Thief x5), Mousse x2

Layout 15 (Amorphs #3): Mousse x6, Black Pudding x6

Layout 16 (Arcana #2): Killing Weapon x3, Ominous Weapon x3, Magic Flagon x6

Layout 17 (Dahak): Dahak x1, possible to have just a Dahak, or a Dahak and other monsters.

Possible NM's: NM's are just like the normal NM's thruout the game. Just diffrent levels.

Floor 1-Floor 20: Bat Eye, Shadow Eye, Bomb King, Juggler Hecatomb, Smothered Schmidt, Hellion, Leaping Lizzy, Tom Tit Tat, Jaggedy-Eared Jack, Cactuar Cantautor, Gargantua, Gyre-Carlin, Asphyxiated Amsel, Frostmane, Peallaidh, Carnero, Falcatus Aranei, Emergent Elm

Floor 21-Floor 40: Old Two-Wings, Aiatar, Intulo, Orctrap, Valkurm Emperor, Crushed Krause, Stinging Sophie, Serpopard Ishtar, Western Shadow, Bloodtear Baldurf, Zizzy Zillah, Ellyllon, Mischievous Micholas, Leech King, Eastern Shadow, Nunyenunc, Helldiver, Taisaijin, Aquarius

Floor 41-Floor 60: Fungus Beetle, Friar Rush, Pulverized Pfeffer, Argus, Bloodpool Vorax, Nightmare Vase, Daggerclaw Dracos, Northern Shadow, Fraelissa, Roc, Sabotender Bailarin, Aquarius, Energetic Eruca, Spiny Spipi, Trickster Kinetix, Drooling Daisy, Bonnacon, Taisaijin

Floor 61-Floor 80: Golden Bat, Steelfleece Baldarich, Sabotender Mariachi, Ungur, Swamfisk, Buburimboo, Keeper of Halidom, Serket, Dune Widow, Odqan, Burned Bergmann, Tom Tit Tat, Tyrannic Tunnok, Bloodsucker, Tottering Toby, Southern Shadow, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Taisaijin, Unut, Vouivre

Floor 81-Floor 100: Panzer Percival, Vouivre, Jolly Green, Tumbling Truffle, Capricious Cassie, Amikiri, Stray Mary, Sewer Syrup, Unut, Simurgh, Pelican, Cargo Crab Colin, Wounded Wurfel, Peg Powler, Tom Tit Tat, Jaded Jody, Maighdean Uaine, Taisaijin
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Postby Ricciardo » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:57 pm

My update is at 21% atm with about 5+ hours to go, so I wont be getting on the game today. Sorry.
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Postby Robthunder » Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:54 pm

yeah, maintenance was a johnson today, so we can try to meet tomorrow after event. Ill try and get in touch with everyone before hand online.
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Postby Robthunder » Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:55 pm

Gather Together tomorrow night in Whitegate for some Nyzul Isle fun, at 7:00 pm est. Our goal will be to get to floor 16 hopefully, but if we can only get floor 11, thats good too. Main goal: progress : )
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Postby Robthunder » Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:20 pm

Captain Assault Static:

Private Second Class

Leujaom Cleansing

Excavation Duty

Imperial Agent Rescue

Seagull Grounded

Golden Salvage

*Note~ blue = completed
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Postby Jevelant » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:42 pm

Just wanted to let you guys know. I will be back online on Friday. I had a contract fall thru and lost roughly $45,000. all because of 2 employees thought it would be funny to spit off the top of a lift. Onto the General Contractor. Needless to say those two are fired. but I had to work alot this last week an a half. So I will be on shortly. If someone would like to get my info to do a Static run send me a PM on here.
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