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Postby Friartuk » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:25 am

Just wanted to thank everyone for flawless KSNM 99 run on June 16, 2010. We went like 7/7. No big drops but we did get a few Black Belt items. We are going to change the schedule around and do another one towards the end of the month to finish off the rest of the ppl on the wyrm list.

the plan is to rotate out the ksnm 99 on a monthly basis. 1 to get experience on all of them and 2 give a change for people with monk to get the black belt items without having to pay.

i do understand that people want the black belt but please pass the black belt item to those that do have monk already lvl'd. i'm not saying that you have to pass if its your run. i'm just asking as a curtosy. b/c you know our ls people will always turn around and help you in the end.

love you guys,

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