Charlie Wilson's War

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Charlie Wilson's War

Postby Stresa » Thu Dec 27, 2007 5:42 pm

Classic American Animation (or my foggy glasses making it look that way)
based on the book written by Crile.

Yea I liked it ! (that aint hard)

I thought Amy Adams Did a splendid Job. Plus she's female(am I too shallow to say it or should I just bash myself over the head), Plus She was in one of the few other movies ive ever seen, Catch me if you can Starring Carl Handratty aka T.Hanks Tommy for another great flick ! Also she's in Enchanted which is also a box office notable atm. 2 at once, Impressive. J.Roberts excellent of course, brave enough in a perfect bikini shot showing nothing of being 4 mos pregnant, nice Texas accent. Seymour Hoffman, damn sharp. I like him, dunno if ive ever seen him before(certainly heard of) but he rocked.

On one hand he had all these highly trained sharp intelligent clerks. On the other hand he called them jailbait. pathogenic.

Fast paced To the Point lots of wit. Lots of distracting body shots. Really reflective on events going on today but with speed intelligence humor and seriousness all thrown in together. 1B for bombs 0 M for schools /cry and we could have put an american flag on them and maybe the muslims wouldnt hate us quite as much. or maybe they would.

This movie is fun entertaining and gives great perspective on things in the world. My review of it turns into a Eulogy for Benazir Bhutto RIP today (Martyr) a Brave hero for democracy extinguished allowing a backslide into more chaos for the region. She went back to that place knowing the danger. Her bravery at cost of her own life shows me how much my freedom must be worth.

1000 steps back for each 1001 forward. I maintain hope because my life isnt that bad. I maintain my shield of worldy worth behind the miniscule rationalization that I pay my taxes and somehow just by breathign i contribute to humanity's progress. (Its a rationalization)
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