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PriorityPoints list update (June)

Postby Zechiel » Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:06 am

The PriorityPoints list has become available for editing.
Please view the agenda aswell.

The first week of June will be dedicated to finishing the last upgrade. We'll be buying the last pieces and creating a buffer of gil for events. The Shield will be fought in Xarcabard. In case we don't win it'll move to the next Dynamis-Xarcabard. Meanwhile we are looking for a Linkshell able and willing to lend us the remaining 30 pieces.

HNM camps will override scheduled events with a few exceptions.

As stated before, Dynamis-Xarcabard Shield will have priority. If all works out we will be able to do normal Dynamises again, Dreamland and Northland.
If we are somehow unable to get the attendance for (read below) KSNM99/Ouryu, the Dreamland dynamises will be the first events to make way.

Dynamis Lord
One DL run this month

Every Sky on the agenda can be a possible Kirin depending on turnout. Wether it will be a TP burn or a normal Kirin will be decided on the day itself.

The Saturdays have been reserved for KSNM because we have been unable to do these the past months. The run will be based on the elemental days of the week, we won't fight the NM on its strong day.
We shall only do a KSNM if there are ppl willing to use their orbs.

In the case we're unable to do KSNM99 we will do an Ouryu. It requires basically the same setup.
There are currently not enough Cloud Evokers and we're trying to collect more. Please let us know if you have a Cloud Evoker for the linkshell, any help would be appreciated.

Bahamut v2
You won't see this on the agenda. However, if we're unable to do a KSNM99 and we've won an Ouryu, we will do a Bahamut v2 the week after.

To accomodate for the Zantetsuken runs, it is possible the tuesday and friday runs will start an hour later. It will be posted on the lsmes if this is the case.

We will aim for 2 runs this month.

One run this month, PU gets priority.

We will aim to finish a JoL popset, which basically means: Ix'DRG, JoFaith and JoPrudence.

Jailer of Love
1 run at the end of the month.

Zantetsuken Linkshell is now taking this event over. It will no longer utilize the PPlist system. Read more about it in the Salvage section.

Zantetsuken Linkshell is now taking this event over. It is a public event, it is not possible to gain or use points from Remnants.

Special events / Sanctioned events
- A Bomqueen run on a friday before Limbus.
- LS meripo. Several Linkshell members will be starting merit parties before/after events, you are welcome to join.
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