PriorityPoints list update (May)

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PriorityPoints list update (May)

Postby Zechiel » Thu May 01, 2008 7:44 am

The PriorityPoints list has become available for editing.
Please view the agenda aswell.

Soon we'll have a mule at every HNM camp for ToD.

In general:
Final stage of Aegis completion takes priority. Which means: A lot of Sandy runs.

Dynamis Lord
We're not done yet. Drophandling of next cape will be discussed in the leadermeeting.
Like before, members attending will get 2 points added on top of their attending points.

There have been scheduled some Sky farms to help bankie fund Aegis. There will be a Kirin this month.

1 run this month, beware firesday!

1 run this month.

Bahamut v2
1 run this month, r/e items have been added to the priority points lists. A guide will be posted somewhere mid may.

1 run this month.

2 Runs this month, first run is the delayed April one.

Please check the Sea section of our forums for current popsets.
We will do various 1st tier NMs and Sea gods.
Justice and Prudence as 2nd tiers.

Jailer of Love
1 run at the end of the month.

Being discussed, if no newsupdates follow it will remain scheduled as it is now.

Being discussed.

The final stage has arrived. Please read the "scheduled events" section for more details.
There are some money runs scheduled to pay for dynamis and upgrade shield.

Special events / Sanctioned events
- Shield fragment run in Xarcabard
- Beaucedine attestation run
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All nations, Promathia, Zilart, Aht-Urghan completed.
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