PriorityPoints list update (February)

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PriorityPoints list update (February)

Postby Zechiel » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:19 pm

Important changes this month!

Prospect for February
- Event increase: We see a slight increase of our events with salvage, NA limbus and farm statics.

- TP burn: Long have I been sending tells to individuals about their gear/merits/subjobs but this month its time to wrap it up and get rdy for the real thing.
I urge everyone to level the apropriate SJ. Ccarter will help building TP-burn pts to get your melee job fully merited if needed.
The goal is to get everyone ready by the end of this month.

- Sky: We will finish off our Byakko sets (5) and do those. A genbu would be in order.
No kirin this month! We will work on our TP burn setups to kill Kirin the new way in March. Kirin sets will be completed before then.

- Sea:We require Ix'DRG to complete the 2nd tier jailer popsets.
Remnantsbank will also buy the popitem Ix'DRG drops, please inform us if you see it in a bazaar. (Deed of Sensibility)
There will be outside event farms to get it. We intend to do Jailer of Prudence(1), Hope(2) and Justice(1) this month.
No Jailer of Love this february.

- Limbus: 2 PU and 1 PO this month.

- HNM:Require Fafnir ToD and we will camp it.

- Dynamis: As stated earlier, we will be working on the TP burn setups, this means no DL this month since we will use that setup to fight him aswell.
Buburimu is on the agenda on sundays and the usual runs. Qufim got pushed to next month.
We will do 2 beaucedine attestation runs.

- Sanctioned events: Rostrum Pumps, Optical Hat, Ouryu

- KSNM99: We intend to do a day of KSNM99 every month with the your-orb-your-drop rule. More info on this later.

- Salvage: We will base routes on highest priority items. It is wise to place 1 set on there you really want and if needed u can fill up blank spots for in case something drops accidently.

- Money events: Dynamis-Sandy would be a money event. Nothing else planned atm
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Postby Wuji » Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:17 pm

why no Einherjahr :cry:
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