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PriorityPoints list update

Postby Zechiel » Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:32 pm

It is now possible to update your priority points lists.

- Sky: We'll do the populair Genbu/Byakko/Kirin and perhaps another god if we have the popset available. We might up the points per popitem so maybe some members will be able to farm the popitems outside LS event time. This will speed up sky events and more drops for everyone if we fight more gods ^.^

- Sea: More of the first tiers. We will definetly pop the 2nd tier Sea gods this month. No JoL this month.

- Limbus: Few more farms with the monday run on NA time and working towards 2 PO and 1 PU this month.

- HNM: Hoping to do more HNM and possibly even cancel events for primetime HNM windows. (Same as last month)

- Dynamis: Its almost time to focus on our final relic stage which means a lot of sandy runs. However, this month we will focus on: DYNAMIS LORD. We will be posting the additional info soon. This means we will do Xarcabard a good number of times this month.
Additionally we are working towards our Buburimu win this month. Drops will not be added to the priority points list till we have won our first dreamworld dynamis.
As for wins, please post the wins you need. If its at least 5 ppl we'll schedule a ftw run or contact one of the linkshells that owes us a few wins.

- Sanctioned events: We haven't been looking at the Help Request section for sometime but this month we'll pick some up and see if we can santion anything.

- Money events: This month we'll introduce the money events for the bank. You'll get points for attending. More about this later.
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