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Remnants July update!

Postby Zechiel » Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:53 pm

Regarding Linkshell Sea status:

1. Target
Not everyone has met the 1 month target. We will resume the normal schedule starting July, meaning LS leaders wont hold official CoP runs anymore.
However, we encourage everyone to continue the hard work. Leaders will pinch in if needed outside events, but the organization will be entirely in your hands.

2. Points
Sea points will be handed to those who have been helping out so far and grants u the point bonus on top of your base points during Sea events. Those helping our members will still gain points for doing so. (+0.5 sea point for a pt with at least 3members who require win)
These points are "Extra-Sea" points.

Regarding the priority list this month:

1. Additions
- AF upgrade. Do NOT use this in your priority list. More about this below.
- Homam and Nashira equipment sets.

2. Advice
We will probably do a Kirin or two, do mostly Northland Dynamises, and I expect ppl to be busy with sea over the usual HNM camping.

Regarding Sea:

1. Sea points
Base-Sea points will be given for Limbus participation. At the moment, Extra-Sea points will only be given for those helping out Ls members to obtain Sea access.

2. Ancient Beastcoins
Coins will split amongst members equally, extra coins will be /randomed for.

3. AF upgrades
AF upgrades will be free lot with the ability to secure for 5 points. Bidding on these items is permitted. Please dont set them in your priority list.

4. Homam and Nashira
There is an exception to this rule, read below.
Homam and Nashira equipment will be handled as normal drops, highest priority will be able to lot starting 10 points. We are considering placing these items on an ExclusiveItems list but we wont change anything till we've seen how Limbus develops this month. It'll depend on how many times we're actually able to do a Proto-Ultima/Omega etc.
For the complete Limbus rules / drop handling, click here.

5. Exception list
Popsets for PO and PU have already been farmed by our regulars and the drops will go to the veterans who've been coming to limbus non-stop so far without point reduction.
Ramzar - 1 free homam piece
Aquamarin - 1 free nashira piece
Zechiel - 1 free homam piece
If you believe your name should be on this list dont hesitate to contact any of the leaders.

6. Sea gods.
We will have some try-outs but its not a serious event on the schedule this month. Points for attending are still being discussed.


1. Points list
The point list now shows the Extra HNM, Sky and Sea points on the first screen.
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