General Public Announcement Regarding CoP Movement #2

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General Public Announcement Regarding CoP Movement #2

Postby Tahla » Thu Jun 14, 2007 3:13 am

Thursday :: June 14, 2007

It's time for an update!

Today marks the Target Finish date of CoP 4-3 [The Secrets of Worship (Sacrarium)]. As you're all aware, we are a little behind schedule and we do need to start catching everyone up as fast as possible. As of today, we have 4 people left who are in need of CoP: 4-2 [The Savage (Ouryu)] and 13 people ready and in need of CoP 4-3 [The Secrets of Worship (Sacrarium)].

You can find out the current standings of your fellow peers by clicking on the following:

:: ... 3192#13192 ::

It has been a long, tiring process for nearly everyone and we would like to thank most, if not all of you, for being patient with the leaders and the rest of shell. Thank you for donating your time, your efforts, and your gil in making these runs successful.

Please remember, that while we are here to "assist" everyone with the missions, we ask that you still take the iniative to move along with your statics in LS (if applicable) and not wait till the rest of the shell catches up to your misison. These are your milestones in FFXI and we do not wish to rob you of that pleasure. This will also help move things faster for everyone and will provide less work for your peers with the specific jobs needed to finish certain missions.

I would also like to take this opportunity now to recognize a few members who have stood out amongst their peers.

.:: Ricciardo ::.
This particular member, while running his own static with his friends outside of the linkshell, has continuously provided Remnants' members the encouragement, support, meds and various items in ensuring their success. He had continuously stayed in Shrouded Maw as well as Monarch Linn many times waiting a turn to replace anyone to defeating Diabolos and Ouryu over and over again (about 5-6 runs each). He has also shown an extreme amount of patience in pursuit of everyone else's gain above his own.

.:: Seirraflame ::.
Like Ricciardo, Seirraflame continues to show her dedication to Remnants and its members. She has continuously assisted many members in defeating Diabolos as well as assisted many members running back and forth through Riverne Site B01 to ensure success in defeating Ouryu for the casual gamers who are not able to sign on as frequently as the rest. Without complaint, she had assisted in probably 2/3 of both Diabolos and Ouryu runs.

.:: Shads ::.
If there was a man that needed to set a Home Point in Monarch Linn, Shads would undoubtedly be the first Taru. Like his peers mentioned above, Shads willingly bore the weight of leading the BLM team in continuous successful runs during the Ouryu fights and now has claimed Ouryu as his pet. Like Ricciardo and Seirra, Shads always jumped at the opportunity to assist myself in ensuring the win for the rest of the members.

There are of course many others whom I would like to thank personally, which I will adress under the "Praise" thread.

:: Thank you for your time ::
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CoP progress

Postby Ricciardo » Thu Jun 14, 2007 2:45 pm

I´m always glad to help when I can Tah. ^^ And its nice to see that the LS is making a good progress in CoP thanks to good teamwork.. Some members have very limited time to do the runs, but somehow we are managing to get them through thanks to the leaders and other members that are willing to do the Missions over and over again, leaving no one behind. Way to go to Tah, Seirra, Shads, Ccarter, Rob and many others helping the ls to achieve its goals.
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