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PM 7-5: Warrior's path - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:50 am


Our last BCNM before we get to Sea.

Once we get Sea we'll have 1 week off from scheduling CoP events so feel free to explore the area. After that week we'll do the following:

Maybe 1 or 2 CoP events a week till we finished it. Although its the last chapter, most missions are 4-5 hours now. This means CoP will probably collide with Dynamis events but remember its only 3-4 missions left.

When we get closer to the final CoP battles we will be finishing Ark Angels and end boss as a CoP static. We will all have lv75 jobs by then hopefully.

Arrangements have been made to team-up in order to get the final rewards.

But first! Tenzen...

The battle might prove to be difficult since we're not maxed out on this battle, not everyone has a lv75 job. However I'm fairly sure this won't stop us.

Our setup and roles:
MNK/NIN - Carne. Main tank
MNK/WAR - Dellinger. Damage fast as possible
DRG/WAR - Zechiel. Damage fast as possible
PLD/WAR - Gideon. Healing / hate control
WHM/BLM - Gamindral. Healing
BLM/WHM - Anthreas. Blowing stuff up

Items for melee:
Hi-pots, Icarus wing, Sleeping potions (4+) and opo-opo necklace, blink band, curaga earring pld, attack food. (I reckon solesushi for lv70- and sis kebabi for lv75)

What you can expect:
Tenzen is a samurai and doesnt do any noteworthy attacks. After some time has passed he'll comsume a rice ball which will up his defense, magical defense and attack. After that, some time passes and he will 2 hour. Meikyo Shisui, 3 weapon skills at will. If all 3 weaponskills hit he'll make a lv.4 skillchain doing over 800hp damage to everyone and we've lost the battle. His first 2 weapon skills are normal, his 3rd is ranged. His 2hour will be active indefinetly. Tenzen is easy to sleep, stun and bind, so lets take that to our advantage. If in some miraculous way he misses one of his weaponskills, he'll use Meikyo Shisui again. Cheater!
Helping him are the 3 taru, they cannot be targeted. They will only attack/heal when Tenzen is engaged by us, otherwise they stop entirely. Blackmage uses tier3 aga, tier4 single, sleep, bio. White mage uses Haste, Holy, Dia, Cure4. Ranger uses ranged attacks.

Overall) DO NOT LET TENZEN USE HIS 2HOUR AND GET OFF 3 WEAPONSKILLS! When he does we lost the fight, wether we're alive or not. His 3rd weaponskill is ranged. So bind won't be useful at all if he gets 2 off.
1) Use sleeping pots to gain TP, Buff up, MNKs boost. Haste on melee.
- Fight him away from mages. (For AoE spells from the Tarus) Fight him on the other side of ship.
- Ignore Tarus
- Gideon focus on back-up heal, spam that curaga earring if needed. Flash Tenzen if he runs for the mages. Stay engaged fighting Tenzen.
2) At start Carne, Dellinger. Annie nuke away but keep mp for stun and bind.
3) Once Tenzen uses his 2hour bind him immediatly! All melee retreat. The taru stop attacking when Tenzen isnt engaged.
---- Only do the following if Tenzen is below 50% health ----
4) Sleep Tenzen. Annie uses 2hour + Elemental Seal and nukes the hell outta him from a distance. MNKs boost and use chi-blast. Melee use icarus wings. Retreat towards Annie. Gamindral have sleep and bind ready.
5) When it all wears and he's too close to bind... If Gideon is still alive, use invincible to keep annie alive. Alle melee unleash WS and cross your fingers he dies before he uses 3rd WS.

In order to win this we need to keep a close eye on sam 2hour and have our fingers on the /disengage button.
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