PM 4-3: Cradles of Children Lost - Zech's guide collection

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PM 4-3: Cradles of Children Lost - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:42 am


First, check the Walnut Door on the 3rd floor of Tavnazian Safehold (K-7) for a cutscene. You'll be told that you can access the Sacrarium cathedral via Misareaux Coast "Iron Gate" (H-4). Lv.50 cap.
You need to get 2 Coral Crest Keys (Rare/Ex) from Fomors to clear this mission.

This key will disappear from your inventory once used. You'll need another key called the Sealion Crest Key from the NM Keremet in a large hall of 2nd map (L-8).


Hitting the Keremet will aggro 6 additional Azren Kuba and 6 Azren Kugusa skeleton mobs. Clear the 12 skeletons first and the Stegosaurs in the hall first before fighting Keremet. At this point, you may wish to erase the curse of the Fomors off to faciliate easy navigation further into Sacrarium.

After getting the keys, head to (H-7) where there will be a Large Keyhole and Small Keyhole marked. Trade the Coral Crest Key to the small one first, Sealion Crest Key to the large one. You need two people to do this. Make sure you trade the Sealion Key shortly right after the Coral key has been traded or else the Coral Key will vanish and lose its effect. Walk straight ahead to the Wooden Gate (G-8) after opening the keyholes for a cutscene.

Next you need to find a key item marked '???' which pops randomly either at one of these locations: (F-5), (G-5), (H-5), (F-11), (G-11), or (H-11). Checking the ??? spawn a NM Old Professor Mariselle, and two other Mariselle's Pupil (ghosts).


Defeat them and check the ??? again to receive the key item. Return back to the Large & Small keyhole at (H-7) again and do the same opening procedures as above and now you can open the Wooden Gate with the key item.
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