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PM 4-2: The Savage - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:38 am


-:: Zechiel's guide collection ::-

Zech's group report: (warning possible spoilers)

Party setup:
PLD - Gideon
DRG - Zechiel
WHM - Gamindral
BLM - Anthreas
WAR - Tsume
MNK - Dellinger

Some days prior to this event we farmed 5 mistmelts for our group, giving us an advantage and prevent Ouryu spreading his wings and flying up in the air. His aerial attacks would be deadly to us all, not to mention we wouldn't be able to hit him without ranged attacks.

Thirty minutes after scheduled time we arrived at the Displacement leading to Riverne-Site B01, fully loaded with equipment and medicine. Our passage through the area went smooth and quickly, took us only a few minutes to get to the dominion of the Keeper of the Apocalypse.

Knowing we were only gonna get 1 shot at him, possibly 2, we went through an extensive battle tactics plan discussing every job. After we all agreed to the plan, we entered the burning circle and faced the mighty wyrm Ouryu. To win this, we were to get its HP down to 30%.

Any special equipment? We had blinkbands, a curaga earring (thanks Jevelant), 20+ hi-potions, 5 persikos, 5+ hi-ethers, lotsa yags and opposed to common rules I went as DRG/WHM. Subbing white mage always seems best during these situations, I can back-up heal when tank and white mage are having difficulty and I do just a few less points of damage. If needed I can also use elemental seal and curaga followed by a super jump.

Mistmelt order: Gideon, Tsume, Dellinger, Zechiel, Gamindral (order of death)
2hour order after each mistmelt: None, Tsume, Dellinger, Zechiel, Gideon and Anthreas

Gideon voked Ouryu and everyone took their place in battle, melee on the side and mages in the back. As we couldn't dispel stoneskin we were hitting for zero damage, but who needs dispel when Dellinger cuts through stoneskin in a matter of seconds? Before we knew it he went up in the air, but we sorta gazed at him before we realized he actually lifted off. So gid used his mistmelt and Ouryu came down obedient like a little dog. This is when chaos started...
We were supposed to sleep Ouryu and rest when the wyrm would 2hour "Invincible", but I wasn't sure wether he cast stoneskin or used his 2hour. Nevertheless he was slept but we were too busy figuring out if he 2houred or not so we started hitting him again. Gid took a few critical hits in a row so Gam had to spam cure3s, resulting in Gam having hate. Gid quickly got hate back and pulled him to the side, death was avoided but it costed precious hp and mp.
We got the wyrm to about 65% when he started flying again, this time he used a special attack on Gideon before Tsume was able to use his mistmelt. Gid's life was in danger. After the wyrm touched the ground Tsume's 2houred according to plan. Ouryu didn't like it. At this point we ran out of mp and everyone was in yellow hp due to his AoE attack. If he'd fly and use one of his special attacks, someone would surely die...
Tsume's 2hour did its job and got the wyrm to 50% and yes, the wyrm lifted off... Killing both Gideon and Tsume at once. Quickly viewing the current situation we decided to call it a loss on our side and retreated. Other than tsume, gideon and my wyvern, no one died.

Defeated we gathered our strength for another try, our last. With one 2hour used, 2 mistmelts gone and almost all medicine used, this try would rely heavily on our timing and combat skills. We discussed our errors on the first try, made some new macros but kept the same strategy. On a side-note: I noticed during the fight my wyvern and jumps could still hit him airborne.

We entered the area, buffed and brave gid went in first, voking Ouryu and pulling him to the side. Our responces were a lot faster this time. We fought Ouryu till he took off, Dellinger used his mistmelt and Ouryu came down. Dellinger notified about Ouryu using invincible, melee disengaged and Anth slept the wyrm. The mages used their ethers, gam erased the melee, anth kept the dragon asleep, gid used his curaga earring while still voking and melee checked their buffs.
After Ouryu woke up Gid quickly regained hate and we fought till he went up in the air again. I quickly used my mistmelt and Dellinger 2houred the very second he touched the ground. Gid kept hate during Dellingers 2hour and after a minute the Wyrm was airborne again... now at 60% health.
Gamindral used his mistmelt and I healed Gid as much as possible. Ouryu came down, I did a penta thrust, 2houred and penta'd him again.
All our HP was in white, Gam's MP was almost gone but Anthreas almost had full MP. Without saying anything we knew we were gonna win...
The moment his hp reached 50% he lifted off and over party chat was shouted "An finish him off!"
At that point Gideon 2houred and Anthreas 2houred, she used Elemental Seal and casted Freeze. It did massive damage to Ouryu, but didn't finish him. Gid still kept hate thanks to his 2hour but Ouryu's aerial attacks went through invincible like paper. So we tried to keep Gideon alive while Anthreas nuked with Aero.

We won, no one died. 3 mistmelts used.

Excellent job, everyone timed everything very well! I'm proud to have done it with you guys!

Robthunder wrote:
Riverne Site # B01 is the next mission for CoP. Its lvl 50 cap. Its located at F-7 of Misareaux Coast. Before we tackle this mission i think we should do the map quest, and a side quest that helps for the BCNM Boss.

Map Quest: The map would help a lot in directing and knowing which ways we can go. To start the map quest, talk to Epinolle after getting ur CS in Misareaux Coast (the one that grants u access to Riverne #B01.) Then go back to Riverne B01. Lesser rocs do not aggro, pyrodrakes aggro to sight and hippogryphs have true sight.

You have to go through three spatial distortions to get to the correct island. The first distortion is at M-9, the second at K-8, the third at K-7.ull come out at an island at J-6. Upone zoning the three moblins u have to beat will spawn immdiately. Its kinda hard with 6, but we could wipe with 12 or

Chemical Cook Chemachiq
Book Browser Bokabraq
Spell Spitter Spilospok

are the 3 NMs, all supposedly mages whm, blm, rdm i think.
after theyre dead we go back to epinoelle. everyone that had the quest active, and was in the pt / alliance that beat em gets em.
talk to epinoelle again and ull get ur map.... this includes Riverne#A01 and #B01.

Mistmelt Quest:
the second quest is for the mistmelt item. This item keeps the boss on the ground, which is extremely hlpful since his atks in the air are almost twice as powerful as on the ground. To start this Quest talk to Ferchinne (smewhere close to AH and nomad moogles.) He wants u to bring him two hippogryff tailfeathers. He will give u a mistmelt item in exchange for them. This boss battle would be easier if everyone could get a mistmelt item before we fought it.
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