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PM 2-5: Ancient vows - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:30 am

-:: Zechiel's guide collection ::-




This mission consists of:

- Scale farming
- Lv40 cap area
(monsters this time are harder, please equip yourselves properly)
- BCNM-style fight, so we must have complete parties.

To begin, head to the Dilapidated Gate in (F-7) of Misareaux Coast to trigger a cutscene featuring the three infamous Tarutarus that
stole your Amulet earlier in the game. Once you are on the other side of the gate, you will see a "Spatial Displacement."
Entering the displacement will warp you into Riverne Site #A01.
To get through Riverne Site #A01, you must go through 4 more spactial displacements until you finally reach the BC area.
To get through the second and third displacements, you will need to trade a Dragon Scale(EX) dropped by Firedrake Wyverns (spawn
in area between the 1st and 2nd displacement). You will need 2 Dragon Scales to get through the entire Riverne Site #A01.

Anyway, once you enter from Misareaux Coast, the first displacement is in (L-8).
Once you enter this displacement you will be in the area where the Firedrake Wyverns spawn. After you have 2 Dragon Scales,
trade one scale to the Displacement in (G-10) and you will be warped into the third area. This area has Atomic Clusters that aggro to
sight and magic, so get invis up and head to the displacement in (E-10) and trade the other Dragon Scale and enter the displacement.
This next area is filled with IT++ mobs that have true sight, so be careful, just walk along to right edge to reach the last displacement.

Entering this displacement will warp you to an uncapped area of "Monarch Linn" where you can enter the Lv40 cap Boss BC area.
This uncapped area is a good place to go over fighting strategy and make sure all macros are working properly.
Aftering entering the Battlefield, you will receive a cutscene. Now is a good time for the White Mage to cast Reraise. Defeating the
three Mamet-19-Epsilons will end this mission.

Suggested Party Setup:
Suggested Strategy:
NIN/WAR: Bring Echo Drops, Yellow Liquid, and as many Hi-Potions as you can fit into your inventory.
WHM/BLM: Bring Echo Drops, Rolanberry Pie, 4 or 5 Yagudo Drinks, Hi-Potions, and many Hi-Ether.
RDM/NIN: Bring Echo Drops, Yagudo Drinks, Jack-O-Lantern (+10 Evasion), and many many Hi-Potion.
RNG/NIN: Bring Echo Drops, Arrows ^^, and many Hi-Potion.

Make sure everyone makes macros to use the items:
/item "Hi-Potion"
/item "Yagudo Drink"

These Epsilons can change jobs during battle, you can tell which job they are by what kind of weapon and attacks they are using.
Using the Yellow liquid will stop the Epsilon from changing jobs. They can also absorb physical & magic damage.

After entering the boss area, everyone get protect, shell, eat food, get utsusemi up, stoneskin, blink, etc..
When everyone is ready NIN should voke the center Epsilon into the tunnel while two RDM kite the other two Epsilons using bind,
gravity, hi-potions, and utsusemi. RNGs help the NIN kill off the first Epsilon. The white mage should try to keep the Epsilon silenced
and paralyzed if possible and dont let their mp get too low before they use a hi-ether.
When the first Epsilon is dead, NIN can go voke the next one to kill while the two rdm help eachother kite the last one.
If everyone is alive after the second Epsilon is dead it should be pretty easy to kill the last one off.
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