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PM 2-3: Distant Beliefs - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:21 am

-:: Zechiel's guide collection ::-

Hey I made these during my lunch break, just hold them next to your guide:

Some stuff I'd like to add to guide:
- Once u're upstairs the ladder you only encounter non aggressive mobs.
- You'll need a thief to open the locked door.
- Tank will need to tank the minotaurs backwards
- Melee will need to stand behind minotaurs and mages face the other way
- If you get Doom status, spamming holy water is the only chance u've got and its not always effective.
- No fighting with oil spills, it'll be {death}
- Dont drop off the ledge before the locked door!! If you do the only way to get back up again is die and tractor.

From allakhazam:
PM 2-3 Distant Beliefs

You have volunteered to journey into the Phomiuna Aqueducts to defeat the Minotaur. It appears that Nag'molada has set off ahead of you."

While an alliance is helpful, it is not required for this mission. A party of six competent players (which anyone who has managed to pass the Promyvions **SHOULD** be) can do this mission without too much trouble.

Everyone in the PT should bring at LEAST 2 stacks of holy waters, a couple of yagudo drinks, and at least a half-dozen hi-potions (even mages). Holy Water may not always remove Doom status so you will have to spam Holy Waters until either it is removed or you die. Additionally, you can bring a Re-Raise scroll. This is an area where the WHM cannot be relied upon to keep the PT alive. The Stegotaurs (and Minotaur) have an AoE poison that is pretty bad (10-15 dmg per tick) and lasts quite a while. By coming prepared with these items, you can ensure the WHM (and BLM/WHM) are not over-taxed on keeping the PT alive. This is not to say WHM's cannot do their job well in this area. All I am saying is you will make the WHM's life a lot easier (and probably survive a lot longer while the WHM is healing/cursna/etc other PT members) if you come prepared.

Sneak will work to keep from getting aggro on all mobs except the Taurus-family mobs (they have true sight). There is no reason for keeping Invis up while you are here. Escape will work in here, so this area is classified as a Dungeon and not an outdoor area.

Mobs in this area start checking at easy prey and go all the way up to IT++. That said, the level range of this area is probably 35-50. When fighting Taurus-family mobs (dinosaurs) and the Minotaur, turn your back when it does the ability "Mortal Ray". This is the Doom attack and if you get it, you have 10 seconds to use a Holy Water before dying. Mortal Ray is classified as a "Gaze" type attack, so it won't affect you if your not looking at the mob.

Taurus-family mobs use Back Swish. This AOE is a frontal-attack AoE and will only hit people that it is facing. Taurus-family mobs use Frightful Roar, which is an AoE Defense Down attack. Stegotaurs can also drop a piece of Spruce Lumber (rare/ex). Taurus-family mobs will link with other Taurus-family mobs.

The Minotaur spawns at (J-3) on the second map. I am told it spawns in other parts of both maps... but this is where we found it. The Minotaur fight is not a BCNM-style fight, so an alliance can take this on. Be warned that the Minotaur has a big aggro radius and once it aggroes someone, it will summon the entire PT of the person aggroed to him. You will not get a cutscene once the Minotaur is dead. Additionally, your mission log will not update. If you return to Tavnazian Stronghold and speak to Justinius, he will not believe you killed the Minotaur unless he hears from Nag'molada as well.

Bring a THF along with you and ensure he/she has Thief Tools to pick the lock on the Iron Door at (G-8.). Otherwise you will have to camp Fomor mobs (shadow versions of the assorted jobs) for a Bronze Key to unlock the door. After passing through the Iron Door, proceed to (C-8.) and check the Wooden Stairs. A cutscene with Nag'molada will occur.

After the cutscene, climb the ladder and follow the hallway to reach a room with targetable oil lamps. Along the way to the room, you will encounter two Taurus mobs in the hallway. It is important you only pull ONE at a time, as both are IT++ and will decimate your PT. On the other side of the door, you will encounter more Fomor mobs, so have Sneak up before opening the door. Once inside, go around the shelving and hit the ??? to open a hidden door. This leads you to the candle room.

The candle room puzzle is dependant upon the current Vanadiel day. For reference, here is the elemental chart:

Fire is strong to Ice
Ice is strong to Wind
Wind is strong to Earth
Earth is strong to Lightning
Lightning is strong to Water
Water is strong to Fire
Light and Dark are equal to each other

**Elemental Strength/Weakness chart taken from Advanced Guide to Gardening Guide.**

In candle room (E-8 on second map), press the candles that represent the element of the current Vanadiel day and the element that is weak to the current Vanadiel day (example: Iceday would be Ice candle and Wind candle) to open the hidden door in the center of the passage. The hidden door will only remain open for a short time (10-15 seconds I believe), so be quick. Open one Ornate Gate and then check the second Ornate Gate to get a cutscene.

This Quest requires Promathia

This Mission is Not Skippable
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Next Mission: PM 2-4 An Eternal Melody
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