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Promyvions guide - Zech's guide collection

Postby Zechiel » Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:13 am

Ok here's a guide about stuff you should know and how to prepair. However, this has been written before I figured ALL JOBS can do it. Smn and rng 2 hours are just means of overkill. SE made Anima so each job is able to get it done.
The only thing recommended is a bst or rng in party for widescan. Other than that each normal exp pt setup will work.

PROMYVION GUIDE -:: Zechiel's guide collection ::-

All of this info is first hand experience. I didn't base or copy anything from these forums except for Daleven’s Recollection chart.
I’d like to point out that this is all based on my opinion. Promyvions are great fun! Please enjoy the Promyvions the way you like most, I just wrote this in order to share my knowledge and strategy.
Please use my info on this at your own discretion but please note that some info might be incorrect.

---- Basics ----------
Basic knowledge about lv30 cap Promyvions:
1. Promyvion areas are part of the Chains of Promathia expansion and are accessable from the shattered tele-points at the Crags.
2. Everyone is capped at lv30 inside.
3. Everything aggro’s inside a Promy, linkage too. Invis/Sneak/Deo wont work.
4. There are several levels. You start below and work your way up to the boss. The higher up you go, the tougher the mobs will be. There are 4 floors in total.
5. In order to get to the next floor you need to kill a Memory Receptical (MR). A shiny globe which’ll spawn mobs called “Stray”. Stray can be shot down before entering combat with MR. Once engaged the Stray will attack party.
6. After killing a MR a “Memory Stream” MAY appear. It is random. The stream will take you up. (Black color). There’s always a portal to return back one level, these are white of color.
7. There is a way to get the map which involves killing the NM somewhere on the latter levels (floors).
8. Anima are very important. It’s recommended you have at least several. Anima weakens the boss temporarily.
9. The boss will be on the last level, as well as the Empty Burning Circle.
10. Before entering boss battle you’ll enter an uncapped area to get yourself ready and discuss battle tactics.
11. After finishing Promyvion Mea,Dem and Holla. You’ll have access to all new CoP areas and quests! JSE and all awaits you!

---- Anima ----------
I suggest you organise a small Anima farming party before doing the Promy.

Mobs inside Promyvions drop memories and recollections. With the help of Alchemy these can be transformed into Anima.

These drop frequently. With high level alchemy these can be transformed into Anima. Memories and anima gained from memories can be sold at the AH but its effects are unclear to me.

These are the ones you want, pretty rare drop. There are 3 different kinds in total and all are rare ex. So you can only hold on of one type and can’t trade or sell them.
Take these recollections to Rulude Gardens in Jeuno, to an NPC called Harith. He’s in the house hallway all the way in the back near Maat. Trade them one by one with a fee of 2000 per Recollection. He’ll synth them into Anima for you right away.

Anima will last about 20-30 seconds.
Recollection of Fear ---> Psychoanima: Intimidates boss
Recollection of Guilt ---> Terroanima: Makes the boss run circles
Recollection of Pain ---> Hysteroanima: Seems to prevent its specials

The Recollections are dropped in any lv30 cap Promy. Here’s a list by Daleven:

In Promyvion-Dem:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Pain
Weepers drop Recollection of Guilt
Seethers drop Recollection of Fear

In Promyvion-Holla:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Fear
Weepers drop Recollection of Pain
Seethers drop Recollection of Guilt

In Promyvion-Mea:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Guilt
Weepers drop Recollection of Fear
Seethers drop Recollection of Pain

I suggest to stay at the first level and farm them there, since all three mobs that drop them are present and easiest to kill. Wanderers are weakest of the mobs. If your Anima party is just 2-3 you might want to consider teleporting to a different promyvion and fight Wanderers there.

---- Party set-up -----
Because Promyvions are capped and pretty hard, its recommended you have a strict party set-up. Remember that different rules apply within the emptyness, so some jobs are more useful than others.

This would be an ideal party in my opinion:
1. RNG/NIN ---> This is your guide to MRs. Long ranged attacks are key, starys/boss np for this awesome DD. Best job for Promy!
2. WHM/xxx ---> Get a straightforward white mage for healing. Its his/her job and what he/she’s best at.
3. SMN/xxx ---> Two words: Astral Flow.
4. WAR/NIN ---> Your tank, utsusemi DDs are best inside of Promy.

The other 2 spots are open for DDs basically. I would recommend as much RNG/NINs and SMNs as possible.
On a side note: These jobs are mostly based on the end fight. If the party’s got enough Anima basically ANY job is possible!

---- Promyvion Tactics --------
I will leave this to everyone’s imagination. You can either fight your way to Memory Recepticals (in party of in alliance) or avoid aggro by running around mobs (and deal with them once you do get aggro).

---- Zechiel’s Promyvion-Holla Guide --------
I’m gonna give some guidelines how to do a succesfull run and make it a joyful experience to everyone.
I have done several Promyvions by now so I hope you take a bit of my advice as I’d like to share some of my experience with you.
I would like to stress out that any Promyvion requires good communication and above all TEAMWORK. Especially Holla.
Note that I think Promyvions are great <fun>! However Holla requires <skill> above all to complete; its the worst of the lv30 cap Promyvions.

---- Basic equipment: -------------
1. Warpscroll
2. DD or Mage food
3. Poison potions (several)
4. Holy water (if possible)
5. Anima (if possible)
6. Hi-Potions / X-Potions
7. WHM reraise scroll
8. Basic equipment (lv30 equip, shihei, bolts)

---- Guidelines: -------------
1. I assume you’ve had experience with doing a promyvion. If you dont or have any question; feel free to ask partymembers. Its important everyone knows what they are doing.
2. Listen to what everyone has to say.
3. Be prepared to die. Death will only be a temporary setback. Exp will be gained inside.
4. <White mage> must live at all costs! If the WHM dies, party is over. One DD with provoke should be next to the WHM at all times.
WHM should stay behind any DD. In case of aggro WHM is safe. If mob is too strong, WHM should head to a safe spot and dont heal anyone. Avoid getting hate and aggro. I have no problem giving my life in order to safe the WHM, I hope other DDs do too.
5. <Ranger> should scout on his/her own and tell party when its safe to come. Do NOT walk around as a group if its still uncertain where to go. With a group there is a higher chance of aggro, high chance of linkage.
6. Don’t rush. If you rush you’ll make mistakes. <Mistake> = <Death> Holla is difficult and it will take you some time to reach the upper level.
7. If you get stuck on a level, either by not getting to the memory stream on time or you’ve died. Party should return to the same level. In case you died on a higher level, return to homepoint and start Promyvion over again.
8. If WHM dies and party decides to do it over again. Do NOT stay on one of upper levels. Head back to the lowest floor (through the memory stream) or warp back and take a tele.
9. If party took damage by aggro, dont heal and stay in the middle of the field. Head to a safe spot on the side ASAP and let party rest to full or when WHM says its OK. If the party doesntrest to full on latter levels, you are so scrwd.
10. On the latter levels it’ll be hard to kill mobs since they are IT. Linkage is <death>. Do not take chances. If you get aggro or anything, take the mob away from the party but not too close to other mobs and let yourself KO. You will get <raise> and </praise> if you take one for the team.
11. If <whitemage> believes his/her end is neigh and party’s on one of the latter levels; USE THE RERAISE SCROLL!
The scroll will do no good in the end battle. A second run is not possible since Anima and 2hours have been used. Its back to homepoint if you leave the arena dead.
12. A last run to the castle on the last level is <death>. There is a high concentration of mobs there. It might be possible if you are closeby or another party just cleared the zone for you, but if you get aggro you’ll die running or die zoning. Fastest way there is for a DD to train all the mobs and take them beyond the castle entrance. The DD will die but the party will be safe to make a run. WHM can heal afterwards.
But I recommend getting there the usual way; walk around mobs when the road is clear. Castle position: K-9
13. After everyone is safily inside the castle party should discuss battle tactics and an order for Anima. Its very IMPORTANT!
14. Everyone 2hour the <boss> when its at 30% its health. Just be sure you dont use your 2hour on our way there.
15. Last but not least: Have <fun>! These are guidelines. Everyone reserves the right to play how they like best. I respect that. This is a game after all.

----- Holla boss battle ------
Before entering arena, discuss battle tactics and an order to use Anima.

Anima order:
1. Tank
2. DD
3. SMN
4. RNG
5. WHM
This order is the order of <Death> as you might have noticed. Anima won’t do any good once you’re dead.

Battle tactics:
1. GO ALL OUT! Once beaten you’ll never have to beat it again.
2. Rangers and mages should keep a distance as much as possible.
3. Rangers have a way of stealing hate. Dont overdo damage. Let the tank gather some hate and use your best bolts halfway or so.
4. DD: Don’t rely on WHM healing, when your HP is dropping to yellow, use a Potion immediatly!
5. Dont use your Anima all at once, give them a 15-20 seconds interval.
6. Use poison potions when its at 40% of its health. It’ll use sleep and curse AoE. You dont wanna be asleep while using your 2hour ability!
7. It’ll go berserk when its low on health (25%). It’ll spam its sleep/curse AoE. At 30% of its HP, everyone should 2 hour in order to be sure of the kill.

TIP: Macro your items in like this:
/item “X-Potion” <me>

Well thats about it! Hope this was a bit helpful! Go get those new CoP areas!!
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