Stearc Subligar + Body +1 seal farming

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Stearc Subligar + Body +1 seal farming

Postby fndragon » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:38 pm

Hey, guys, I just wanted to share some (OCD) research I did for the quest "Brygid the Stylist Strikes Back" in Abyssea-Altepa. ... rikes_Back ... y=CILhwNkO

The first link is the wiki entry on the quest. It can drop BRD, BST, DRK, COR, and WHM +1 body seals. It also always drops an augmented subligar, which can have a "Refresh +1" augment, though that augment isn't guaranteed.

It's also trivially easy to complete, as long as you have the equipment necessary for it. I made the second link (a google spreadsheet document) to map out what jobs need what items. The job that requires the least amount of gear is SCH with only needing 11 items, but most jobs average around 15 maximum items. Basically you zone in, conflux out to 08, talk to Brygid, equip the gear she wants, and talk to her again and you're done.

Last night I did this about 20 times in ~30 minutes, I got 4 BRD, 3 BST, 1 DRK, 3 WHM, and 2 COR body seals, and I also picked up a refresh subligar. This finished off my WHM body pretty handily and I'm probably going to continue until my BST body is finished as well.

That being said, if anybody needs to borrow some items for this quest let me know. They're all purchasable on the AH, or DP can synth most of the cloth gear for you if you know how to bribe him well.
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Postby Tybolt » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:40 am

Woooo really useful Fn ^^

Spamming this quest is certainly a lot easier than camping VNMs or doing the other NMs which requires 2-3 pop items. I was planning what jobs I should be on and what gear I need ......until I realized that I don’t need any of those seals >.< Going to recommend this to Evi !!!
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