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Glavoid Strategy

Postby fndragon » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:11 pm

Hey, I wanted to post my thoughts on what the best way to kill Glavoid is; We've had previous experience with him and were unsuccessful. I went with some friends of mine to kill him for some empyrian weapon upgrades, and we successfully killed him with 9 people, no brew, no problems. Here's what they did:

Makeup of the party:


PUP(me), BLM, WHM(extra mule, wasn't doing much)

Pulled Glavoid up north, into a nook along the wall at I-4. This is important because Glavoid does have a knock-back move, and keeping the tanks' backs up against a wall is useful. Both the NIN and MNK were engaged the whole time, careful to only TP when Glavoid was casting a spell. Healers stand along the side, careful that they are OUTSIDE of Gorge range. The WAR was attacking from the side, building TP via atmas, and generally useful for triggering Blue !! and Red !!'s. BLM and PUP were starting their nukes ONLY when glavoid started casting. Glavoid only casts every 30 seconds or so, so if you start your spell when Glavoid is casting, it will land when Glavoid is not able to absorb spells.

Speaking of which, that is Glavoid's greatest threat: It absorbs 2x the damage you do in certain modes, and gives you hate accordingly. When it is doing a TP mode it absorbs physical damage, and when it is casting a spell is absorbs magical damage. So the real goal is to not heal him at all.

Also, the NIN and MNK all had HP atmas so they were ok with sharing Disgorge damage. Since there was relatively few people in Gorge range, Disgorge also did a small amount of damage. Barstonra also helps with Disgorge damage.

And that's basically it. Just limit the amount of healing you do to Glavoid and you'll be fine. Oh, yeah, Glavoid also blood weapons, and he will not cast spells during Blood Weapon's time, and also he gains a magical shield for part of the duration of Blood Weapon. Casters should hold off until he casts a spell / does a TP move, which will signal the end of Blood Weapon. Below 50%, Blood Weapon also does a hate reset on the current tank, so that's why you need at least two tanks, and EVERYBODY else maintaining a low hate level. BLM's are just there to proc, not to dump damage.

I don't doubt that we can kill him, but it is apparent that our problem in our previous attempts was in too many people healing him in an attempt to kill him faster. Slow and steady wins this race.
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Postby Vorinia » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:22 pm

Yeah, the one time i was there we did try and rush the damage (during the right times) but slight overlaps ended up healing it and killing us.

Lag does play a part, and Chat Filters are a must to be set right for fights like this.
I don't allow Alliance stuff to interfere with my Chat, only PT stuff, so I tend to not see some stuff, which (a la Melo Melo) can kind of screw things up :)
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Re: Glavoid Strategy

Postby Rasantath » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:13 pm

for those who didnt want to read all of fn's post, you better read this part:

fndragon wrote:Slow and steady wins this race.
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