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Corsairs Rolls

Postby Stresa » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:59 am

Corsair's Rolls

    EXP lvl 5 Corsair's Roll Increases Exp earned lucky 5 unlucky 9
    Eva lvl 8 Ninja roll Raises Evasion lucky 4 unlucky 8
    Acu lvl 11 Hunters Roll Big R,Acu bonus esp wRng lucky 4 unl8
    Atk lvl 14 Chaos Roll incr atk 25-31% +10% with a Drk L4 unl 8
    M.def lvl 17 Magus's roll incr Mg.def .for CB ? Blu primary L2 unl 6
    RestMp lvl 20 Healer's Roll Rest MP UP woots ! Whm prime L3 Unl 7
    Petacu lvl 23 Pup's Roll incr Pet's acu Pup, lol junker roll
    Aquaveil lvl 26 Choral roll spell interp. Good for nin' Brd prime L2unl6
    Subtle lvl 31 Monks Roll Gives Subtle Blow % right kthxbai
    Petatk lvl 34 Bst roll Pet atk up whateverr!
    TPgain lvl 37 Samurai roll 10-50% TP gain per hit esp with Sam L2 unl 6
    Ballad lvl 40 Evokers Roll Ballad Woohoo ! 2-5 per tic L5 unl 9
    Crits lvl 43 Rogues Roll Crit Hit Rate up ESP Good w/Thf in pt L5 unl 9
    Mag Acu lvl 46 Warlocks Roll MagAcu Up (Rdm)(pt = rdm,cor,4blm)L4 nl8
    Dbl Atk lvl 49 Fighters Roll Double Atk FTW ! L5 Unl9
    lol/cry lvl 52 Drachen Roll all DD perform an Jump atk. you wish.
    rotfl lvl 52 Drachen roll increases pet's magic atk Go Mags !!
    Spikes lvl 55 Gallant's Roll Dmg spikes Pld Prime L3 unl7 SpikeTV
    MgAtk ! lvl 58 Wizard's Roll Magic Atk Bonus (dmg up 5-15%) L5 unl 9
    Regen lvl 61 Dancer's Roll Regen 5-15/tic L3 unl 7
    Cnsv MP lvl 64 Scholar's Roll Gives Conserve MP L2 unl 6

Cor Could really help the Blm party ! Evokers + healers while down Then Wizards n Warlocks while nuking
Why doesnt every Cor cast Exp right before each kill ? (timers hmm)
Magus's Roll could have its uses when you know its about to hit (avatars countdowns etc)
And corsairs Can Sleep and dispel at will This is such a cool Job !

ok, im disappointed. I made this doc all nicely spaced tabbed etc easy to read. And I hit submit and now thats all gone. I think i need to go figure out how to do that stuff becaue this doesnt look attractive, ... 2963#22963
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Postby Daemonic » Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:41 am

cor's can roll a dice every 60 seconds if we have merits even sooner, usally in a exp party a cor's roll is to have 4 rolls up on the exp party, this is usally 2 rolls on the melee's of the group, and 2 rolls on the mage's, this gives us what we call a roll cycle, if we were to put exp roll on the group before the mob died, we would have to wait 2 minutes to get rid of that roll which sacrifces like acc or att (if thats what your rolling on the melee) for 2 minutes which also is a waste of 2 mins of those buffs for a extra 30 exp a kill for slower kills for 2 minutes. ( i just woke up so this proberrly doesnt make much sence x.x)
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Postby Kharne » Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:21 am

Subtle lvl 31 Monks Roll Gives Subtle Blow % right kthxbai

Subtle Blow is the reason MNK can solo most VTs out there and the reason it can tank chariots so well. I would never recommend it in exp but a Subtle Blow build should not be underestimated.
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Postby Rasantath » Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:28 pm

i usually only run 3 rolls in an merit party. evokers on the healer, corsair's on everyone (gogo luzaf's ring for double range), and depending on the members the melee's will get a chaos or a fighters. this is for a colibri party with 4 melee's. they go down fast and IMO due to their low xp per kill (150-200) the xp bonus helps more than any other roll would in its place. other rolls would just make us kill them faster, and sometimes repops (or lack of them) are a problem.

in the last couple days i've had some nice 2x cor merit parties. we had hunters, chaos, fighters, and samurai rolls up on the melee (3 of them), and each cor put up 1 roll on the healer, evokers and scholars. sometimes healers too if mp got low. (which it usually did). these parties were 15-20k/hr at the colibri camp, when it was uncontested. the only problem was waiting on repops broke our chains heh.

thats a lot of rolling, but yes, full phantom roll merits really help, makes it 50 seconds instead of 60. i actually dropped 2 merits in this though so mine is 54 seconds recast. also i have 1 in loaded deck which makes rolls last 5:20 instead of 5:00. i might put one more in it now that the category 2 merit limit was increased. it gives me a little breathing room for pulls or meleeing :)

i dropped those merits so i could put them into quick draw recast. i found myself getting resisted too much for light shot (which is sleep), so doing this and also adding a crapton of AGI gear really helped. quick draw accuracy is based totally on AGI, ranged accuracy i dont think helps. quick draw damage is also affected by magic attack bonus (go moldy earring) but obviously light and dark shots dont do damage (anymore). full quick draw recast is also fantastic, dropping it to 50 instead of 60 seconds (a life saver when pulling like mad).

as you were saying stresa, wizards and warlocks are really awesome rolls for mages. i've put those up on a blm party while farming for ix'drg, and they just annihilate those aerns. however, since the introduction of scholar's roll i would be more likely to put that up instead of warlocks. most mages should be geared well enough to not get resisted (and thus not need the acc of warlocks) but the extra conserve mp will almost always help. mages are not used to getting helped with magic acc from a buff job, unlike melee's who are (brd madrigal).
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Postby Stresa » Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:52 pm

With Warlock's Roll I was thinking Ouryu.
Also Im curious, Dncr has a MagDef Down move to inflict on mobs.
And Yene was spamming Eva down last Kirin (8-24 eva down ftw)

Ive really noticed that Subtle blow effect when soloing on Dncr: the mobs Go several more hits before they TP on me. Be clever to figure out where in the game this is the best Roll. Maybe in a duo ? Nin or Mnk tanking maybe evasion roll hmm or regen or double atk depending on the mob
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