Ouryu Cometh!

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Ouryu Cometh!

Postby Roko » Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:28 pm

The basic idea was to sleep Ouryu on the ground while nuking it non-stop while in the air. We set up an Elemental Seal Sleep 2 order with our BLMs and RDM/BLMs. I believe the order had 7 members in it total. While in the air, the tank used a full resist setup which I will go into later. The damage delt came entirely from 6 BLMs; in later fights where members were added, none of them were damage dealing jobs. Had we used more, the fights would have gone even faster. Ouryu generally follows the same 2 minutes on the ground to 2 minutes in the air rotation like Tiamat; however, sometimes his duration in the air was closer to a minute or even less.

5 of the 6 BLMs were placed in a party of their own while the 6th filled the final spot in the tanking party. One of our BRDs rotated between parties to give ballad to the BLM party (with Gjallarhorn). The MP regen from just the horn was so strong, all BLMs were consistantly using 700+ MP per air assault and were able to quickly regain it all while resting on the ground. Using a relic horn isn't really necessary but it does speed things up a lot I think.

Adds were held using a small party of misc. jobs ancored by a NIN and a second WHM. Later on, jobs such as THF and SMN were added and placed in this party to help with the fight in general. In principle, one could probably do this fight with 12 members or even a bit less in a reasonable amount of time.
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Postby Rasantath » Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:50 pm

this is very similar to the way i've done it in the past. blm's are the key to this fight. smn's are also quite effective at dmg while it is in the air.
the only differences, or things you have not mentioned, is we had 2 whm's in the tank party, one who stands up with the tanks who is the main cure, and another who stands outside of breakga range. when the one up in the fight runs out of mp they switch.
another thing is you can have someone bst or /bst to charm one of the worms, which makes the adds party's job much easier. that charmed pet can also be used to fight the elementals, and it is quite effective.
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Postby Deltafox » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:28 pm

Yup, that is the generally construed strategy. Sleep ground and recover.
Dispel, and nuke away while in the air. Rince and repeat.
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