Lamp objectives in Nyzul Isle assault strategy

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Lamp objectives in Nyzul Isle assault strategy

Postby aquamarine » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:33 am

This post is mostly directed towards the assault static I am in, however other people might benefit from it or have any hints/comments.
Seeing how the lamps are our biggest problem, we need a solid strategy to handle them quickly. They are taking alot of our time and there always seems to be at least 1 floor with lamps. Based on wiki's guide, I am proposing a strategy for our future Nyzul Isle Assault missions.
There are 3 possible objectives involved with lamps:
(copy paste from wiki)
  1. There is one lamp, everyone needs to activate it.
    * When you use the lamp, it says "The certification code for all party members is required to activate this lamp."
  2. There are multiple (5?) lamps which must be activated at the same time.
    * When you use the lamp, it says "This lamp cannot be activated unless all other lamps are activated at the same time." and gives you the option to activate it. Do not activate it yet; wait until there is someone at all lamps, then everyone select "Yes" at the same time.
    * If you activate your lamp but the others aren't all activated at the same time it says "All lamps on this floor are activated, but some other action appears to be necessary in order to activate the rune of transfer." This means you need to wait for them all to turn off (after ~30 sec), then try again.
    * After a lamp turns off there is a cool down period of ~30 seconds before you can activate it again; it says "It appears you cannot activate this lamp for some time..."
  3. There are multiple (3-5) lamps which must be activated in an unknown order.
    * Activating a lamp doesn't turn it on. Activate all of them, and remember the order you used.
    * When all lamps have been activated, they all turn on. Lamps which were at the right place in the order remain on, while those at the wrong place in the order turn off again.
    * Adjust the order of the lamps that turned off and try again until all the lamps stay on and the level is complete.
#1 and #2 are no problem and require little organization. #3 is the one that's a problem. I don't remember what it will say when you switch a lamp on with #3 but as long as it isn't one of the messages from #1 or #2, you'll know it's #3.
  • What we quickly need to find out is whether it's #1 or not by clicking on the first lamp we find.
  • If not, the next target is to locate all lamps and kill any monsters that may agro. The number of lamps seems to be 5 with 6 people entering although this needs confirmation.
  • Once this is done, we need to have 1 person next to each lamp. With 5 lamps and 6 people, one will head to the rune of transfer. There are maps ( but they don't really help as alot of the passages are closed off. Try to remember the locations by using the compass and visualizing the map in your head as you walk through it. Usually, there's only 1 route without any side paths.
  • If the objective is #2, one of us will announce a time in Vanadiel time and we'll all switch them on at the same time.
  • If it's #3, it gets a little tricky. We'll go with the order of our names in alphabetical order. Once it's your turn, switch it on and you announce in party chat you've switched it on.
    All lamps need to be switched on. Then and only then will they will all light on for a brief moment. The ones that have not been switched on in the right order will switch off after a few seconds. The ones that stay lighted for a little longer are in the right order. Announce when your lamp switches off and we can make a new order out it. An easy way would be to shift everyone up one position in the queue to the left. Example: a b c d e becomes b c d e a. If c is in the right position, a b c d e becomes b d c e a. It is probably best to have 1 person announce the order.
Most of this is common sense and this should just a formality. Nonetheless, if everyone sticks with it and get used to it after a few runs, this should become an automatism, making our runs alot smoother. Knowing what monsters may be the enemy leader, specified enemy or enemies will also help. In short:
  • Eliminate enemy leader and enemies will always be imps, soulflayers, porrogos, qiqirns, chariots or flans that con as Impossible to gauge. In the case of "enemy leader", it will have a weird name.
  • Eliminate specified enemy will be a monster of any type with a normal name, that cons as impossible to gauge, but will never be one of the normal NMs that are outside Nyzul Isle.
Also, imho, we should avoid fighting any unnecessary NMs. You can find those outside if you want the drop. Goliard, Askar and Denali pieces however, you cannot.
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Postby Crile » Fri Jun 01, 2007 11:04 am

<3 aqua. I get how they work now.
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Postby xxposure » Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:47 pm

yea i have to say thanks ... big help here
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