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Kirin Strategy

Postby Aeres » Sun May 06, 2007 1:04 am


This NM has 2 different stages. He is able to summon Seiryu, Byakko, Genbu, and Suzaku to help him. He will summon all 4. These summons do NOT drop any items. This phase is called "Summoning Phase." After the 4 summons are killed, it is now in a "Magic Phase."

Summoning Phase

2 Alliances

1st Alliance is killing the summons and is set up like the other alliance listed below. This alliance formation is to kill the summons AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Sometimes Kirin will slowly summon each god giving plenty of time for a kill. Sometimes he will summon 2 or 3 back to back. Aside from Kirin's 2 hour, THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS POSSIBILITY. The summons must at all cost be kept off of the kiting alliance/party during the summoning phase. Also, one person (usually PLD) will be responsible for pulling the summons off the kiting alliance/party. This person will also Call For Help on the summons as soon as they have claimed them. This allows people unable to fit into the alliance to help kill these faster.

1st Party (Tank Party):
Job 1: NIN
Job 2: NIN
Job 3: BRD
Job 4: WHM
Job 5: WHM
Job 6: PLD

2nd Party (Nuking/Stun Party):
Job 1: BLM
Job 2: BLM
Job 3: BLM
Job 4: BLM
Job 5: RDM
Job 6: BRD

3rd Party (DD/Shadowbind Party):
Job 1: RNG
Job 2: RNG
Job 3: RNG
Job 4: BRD
Job 5: WHM (or RDM)
Job 6: Switch

Switch = TP users (SAM or /SAM), Chi Blast (MNK), Treasure Hunter (THF), more RNG's can be subbed out for more switching. CAN sub DRK in for BLM but BLM will also be nuking which makes them more efficient in the alliance.

Sometimes you need 2 PLD instead of 2 NIN.

2nd Alliance will be playing with Kirin. Their job is to keep him busy to make him summon each of the 4 gods. This group can be as small as a single party. I recommend a small alliance though for safety. Gravity helps immensely and Bind. Usually NIN's kite Kirin because Utsusemi can absorb Stone IV (or is it V he uses?).

1st Party (Kiting Party):
Job 1: NIN
Job 2: NIN
Job 3: BRD
Job 4: RDM
Job 5: WHM
Job 6: RNG (Shadowbind)

Honestly, having a second small party of a few RNG is VERY useful. Shadowbind is very helpful for sticky situations where Kirin may get a Stonega IV off or if he kills 1 or more of the healers. If help is needed from the Summons Alliance, ask for it ASAP though they usually have their hands full. Extra WHM's are ALWAYS useful here to help cure/raise from outside both alliances.

Magic Phase

I call this magic phase because he only has a few EXTREMELY deadly moves. Stonega IV is by far the most dangerous. This can cause many many many MANY deaths. Kirin can not be stunned (maybe 1/1000 chance of stunning). The only way to avoid it is to run out of range. He also can use Stone V I believe. Assuming someone with Utsusemi has hate at the time, this is a waste of his MP and good for us. Heat Breathe is damaging but maybe 200 damage dealt and it is directional, so if you stay behind him you shouldn't get hit. Then there is the Whirlwind move where he kicks up a wind/dust which does about the same damage as Heat Breathe. Deadly hold is a single person attack which will bind the target and do serious damage. If the person gets hit and still has hate, they need erase ASAP or they are toast.


I can't stress it enough. If you can aspir Kirin to 0 MP, he is much easier to kill. His most devastating move is by far Stonega IV. This is the only real reason he is kited. Kiting really reduces the amount of damage that can be done to him because RNG's have to be the right position away to do good damage and all other melee can barely get 1 or 2 hits in. You also spend 25% of the time running away from "Ga."

If a leader says Ga, stop whatever you are doing (unlock, stop casting, don't eat your pizza), RUN THE HELL AWAY. If everyone is out of range, you will get a message "Kirin was too far away." This means he was unable to cast his spell. If someone is in range, he will cast and that person will most likely die. Because it is AOE, anyone within range of THIS person will also be hit and probably die. No matter where you are and where Kirin is, run in the opposite direction of him. Your job is to not be in range of his AOE, you never know if you are the target... always assume you are.

As soon as the summons are killed, you transition the Summons Alliance into the Kiting Alliance. The BLM party will disband from the summons alliance and join the Kiting alliance. Assuming only 1 party in the kiting alliance, the RNG/DD party will also switch over (or disband and join into the secondary shadowbind party).

Extra WHM/BRD/RDM will form an outside healing/MP party.

1st Party (Healing Party):
Job 1: RDM
Job 2: BRD
Job 3: Healer
Job 4: Healer
Job 5: Healer
Job 6: Healer

Maximize the number of WHM's because Cure V has the most HP cured with lowest Hate. Next insert PLD's (not RDM's). Extra RDM's should form another party with other healers (more PLD's).

80% of the time, Kirin will use his 2 hour at 50% HP (sometimes he'll use it at 75%'ish or 25%'ish). His 2 hour is Astral Flow (Searing Light). It has the LARGEST range of any AOE I have ever seen. The room he spawns in is huge and his AOE will cover probably 50-70% of this room. Usually about 50% of the Alliance dies here and other other 50% has less than 200 HP. Don't freak out, cure your kiters/tanks and start raising.

Party Leaders: RDM, BRD, WHM, SMN. These people are USUALLY the least likely to get hate and die. If and when someone dies, kick them from your party IMMEDIATELY. Everyone who is not in the main alliance and not in a healing party needs to have their flag up, this helps to trade people in when someone dies.

Whenever we have more SMN's in our LS, they can be substituted into several of the parties for different roles. Most LS's use them for great damage, but sometimes they are useful as buffers on the tank/kiting party.

That's all I can think of for now. :-/ I'm probably missing something. These strategies are used on the other gods to lesser degrees. I highly recommend reading this entire posting and committing it to memory because if you know what to expect, things go much smoother.

Let's kick some God ass!

Guys this is Original info from the Original HIDDEN POWER LINKSHELL
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