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HNM Guide, A guide to basic HNM knowledge

Postby Aeres » Sun May 06, 2007 12:41 am

This guide is mainly for those who have yet to experience camping HNMs with
the LS yet, since are just newly moving into that realm. I hope that through
this guide there can be some instruction to all you, and you'll get
something useful out of this.

Claiming is probably the most important aspect of camping an HNM, chances
are if you're there you're in a group that can take it. Here are the most
common abilies and their macros.

Provoke: (can be replaced with "Charm" or "Chi Blast")
line1: /targetnpc
line2: /ja "Provoke" <t>

Flash: (imo the fastest claiming spell but also applicable with "Dia")
line1: /targetnpc
line2: /ma "Flash" <t>

Ranged atk: (darts or loxley bow lowest delay throwing and ranged)
line1: /targetnpc
line2: /shoot or /ra <t>

Blocking Aid:
This is a rather simple section to my guide but MUST be addressed. When
fighting an HNM /blockaid must be ON! First to do this type "/blockaid on".

Outside Interference for certain NMs can result in them "Freaking out".
Resulting in absolute party death.Also if our tanks lose hate and a healer
outside party gets it, they can kite the NM long enough for us lose claim.

Keeping Claim:
This section is also a rather simple one since based on a rather small thing
that is easy to do.

DO NOT DISENGAGE the HNMs at anytime once you have engaged them. Disengaging
will result in a second of claim loss which allows for a KS(kill steal). If
you happen to being pulling hate for whatever reason at all and need to
remove this hate simply unlock your target from the NM and face away from
it. No you will not lose hate doing this, but this allows the tank to gain
hate faster to save you without you adding more to yourself.(There is no
guarantee the tank will be able to save you though)

For HNMs that require the method of Kiting for absolute survival, there is
the issue of DOT(damage over time). Without doing this claim over these will
be lost.(Big thanks to Litos for this tidbit of info)

HNM Ettiquete:
Behavior at LS events where we are in the public eye is also very important
for a few reasons.
1. We want our reputation to grow in a positive manner on our Server
2. We don't want to be jeered at and MPKed wherever we go.
3. If you have bad manners, and are making rude comments more then likely
you're annoying your LS mates. And nobody wants to spend hours on end
camping something with someone who is annoying.

Rules of Thumb:
1. Do not KS, wait for a complete wipe before taking over claim of an HNM.
2. Do not shout out obscenities at people. This is just rather plain rude,
and makes the LS and you look bad.
3. DO NOT BRAG, I can not even begin to stress this enough. Bragging to
other people about getting drop will make them just resent you, and can lead
to MPK, or a ruined reputation.

Following this guide I believe we can be very successful in our future
attempts at HNMs, and will further get our LS known. Anyway Good Luck out
there brave Adventurers of Vana D'iel.
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Postby Cassi » Sun May 06, 2007 12:55 am

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Postby Netfire » Sun May 06, 2007 1:07 am

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Postby Fayttt » Sun May 06, 2007 6:36 am

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Postby Seatiger » Sun May 06, 2007 9:36 am

The more we do this the less I hope we should have to stress this stuff..
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