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Postby Rasantath » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:58 am

goodbye expwatch, hello attainment ... ttainment/

this new plugin for windower can show you a lot more than expwatch ever could. it can show abyssea lights, automatically counts them (generically, it doesn't and can't understand the difference between lights coming from normal mobs, nm's, or chests, so it always counts the same, usually 5 per), counts cruor per hour, as well as your time remaining. whenever you /heal it will pick up your actual lights and time remaining from the chat log and update the display too, which is kind of cool.

non-abyssea zones looks like this: (just like expwatch)


in abyssea it looks like this: (yeah i just zoned in and took the screenshot before getting visitant status)


and if you loaded it and it looks like THIS:


it means that you did not properly extract it into your plugins folder. there is a second file that goes in a subdirectory called tokens.xml that HAS to be there. go re-extract the downloaded zip file and reload attachment (you don't have to quit the game). like this:

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