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Dynamis - Rules and Policy

Postby Zechiel » Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:38 pm

Dynamis rules and policy


    Run 1/2 - Sunday 2:00pm EST gather together and 2:30pm EST we enter.
    Run 2/2 - Wednesday 4:00pm EST gather together and 4:30pm EST we enter..
Required: (Main areas)
    Rank 6
    Mages lv70+
    Melee lv70+
Areas we will be doing:
    The four cities starting with San'doria. A good deal of current players have Beaucedine access, wether we start scheduling them will depend on how well we do.
    Depending on how many players have access to the CoP Dynamis areas we will also consider scheduling these but with a minimum of 1 alliance.
    Please check out the individual city thread for strategies
    - Be on time. It affects us all if people show up too late.
    - Our normal policy applies also to Dynamis
    - After entering Dynamis try to keep LS chat to a minimum and only have puller/tanks chat online.
    - There is 1 leader in charge of lotting, do not lot on AF unless this person says you can. The person will state if its a lot between members or a free lot.
    You rank is subject to Courtesy Rules. Names will be noted of members who join, members who come late, members who show exceptional courtesy during runs or do the exact opposite.
    Names will be noted 10 minutes before entering.
Lotting rules:
    You need to set your searchcomment before entering dynamis. If your searchcomment isnt properly set you risk losing lot on AF. You can choose between the following search comments: Synthesis Items (Yellow) or AF (blue). You can lot on either not both.

    In case you choose to lot on AF and have multiple jobs at lvl70+ you need to set an order of priority. Example: 1) DRK 2) MNK
    Priority may change before every dynamis but not during.
    - Single currency is fee lot
    - 100 type currency is for bank
    If AF drops we will check the following:
    1) Who has AF in searchcomment
    2) Who has the job leveled at 70 or above and shows up on the Dynamis Rank list on the website.
    3) Who of them have highest rank
    4) Who has the job at no.1 priority.
    It is fee lot amongst the members who meet all those conditions.
    (Leader rank will automatically downgrade to highest rank present)

    AF Example 1:
    Person A - DRK lv72, rank 2, Search comment "AF DRK"
    Person B - DRK lv74, rank 1, Search comment "AF DRK"
    Person C - DRK lv73, rank 2, Search comment "1. DRK 2. BST"
    Person D - DRK lv75, rank 2, Search comment "1) PLD 2) DRK"
    1) All of them have AF in their comment
    2) All of them have the job at lv70+
    3) 3 have rank 2, person B is not allowed to lot
    4) Person A and Person C are the ones who are allowed to lot since person D has PLD as main priority.
    5) If both person A and C say no, person D may lot it before it gets free lot.
Funding and sponsoring:
    - We will allow sponsoring with a max of 2 runs a month. All currency befalls the sponsor. To sponsor you need Awarded Rank.
    - In case bank needs money to fund Dynamis we will hold fundraiser runs where all currency goes to bank with a max of 2 runs a month.
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Postby Zechiel » Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:39 pm

I'm writing a script to display dynamis participants, will be finished soon.
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Postby Ccarter » Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:08 am

I just wanted to say how excited i am about dynamis tomorrow. I know we have all done runs before but since its on our own im very excited. Well see you guys tomorrow.
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