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Lotting rules
    The highest ranking members may lot first, it will be free lot amongst that rank.

Ranks from low to high:
    Rank 0 - Pearlholder (no Icon)
    A casual user of Remnants.

    Rank 1 - Core Member Image
    A member using mainly Remnants.

    Rank 2 - Honerable Rank Image
    A member who has received a rank-up because of his/her outstanding help and heart for the LS.

    Rank 3 - Awarded Rank Image
    An awarded member who has put time and effort into Remnants following the Courtesy Rules. Its a rank-up from honerable.

Special Ranks:
    Affinity member Image
    A member of Affinity who also joined this board to stay informed.

    Linkshell Leader Image
    Leader within the Linkshell. Will organize events and has Awarded Rank status.

    Board Administrator Image
    Overall website administrator.

Ranking change:
Every 1st saturday of the month the new ranks will be announced and posted on this forum. (Simular to Newsletter Archive)
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