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Limbus - General information

Postby Zechiel » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:24 pm

Limbus is for Remnants members only at the moment. Because we keep it inside LS we can maintain our own rules. If you know people who have interest in joining our runs they are welcome to join Remnants LS but must stick to our rules.

Limbus can be done every 72 hours, the same way Dynamis works. The times are seperate so you'll still be able to do Dynamis runs at the same time.
Limbus has a max of 18 people at once and is divided into two main areas: Apollyon and Temenos. Each area has its own set of mini areas and rules. You can only enter 1 mini area every 72 hours and need to complete all of them in order to get to the mega boss. The mega boss drops items for Homam and Narisha gear. AF upgrade items are obtained by opening (brown) treasure boxes.
Upon entry there is limited time to complete the mini area. Time can be extended by opening blue treasure boxes. HP, MP and abilities can be restored by opening yet another type of treasure box.
Here is a quick overview of the areas:

Apollyon (Homam pieces)
|--- NorthEast
|--- NorthWest
|--- SouthEast
|--- SouthWest
|------ Central (once first 4 are completed)

Temenos (Nashima pieces)
|--- North
|--- West
|--- East
|------ Central (once first 3 are completed)

Required to enter:
- Al'taie access
- 18 member alliance, lv70+
- Accessable every 72hours after last entry
- Keyitem 'Cosmo-Cleanse' from Sagheera Porth-Jeuno, 50k a person.
(You can simply make this money back by selling 1 Ancient Beastcoin)

We will start doing Limbus runs every sunday and coin farms on thursday. Keeping wednesday and saturday free for Dynamis with Affinity. Note that these times and days are still but a suggestion and may chance according to demand.
When we get enough members for good Sea attendancy we will start doing runs twice a week. This will probably mean we will end up having 1 Dynamis run a week. If we win all areas we could get at least 1 homam and 1 nashima piece a month. (More can drop though)

The complete set of Remnants lotting rules can be found here.

A visual chart of Limbus can be found here.
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