Early Bird Catches the Wyrm (KSNM99)

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Early Bird Catches the Wyrm (KSNM99)

Postby jayx » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:43 am


Hi all,

Was wondering if any time soon we can put together a KSNM99 run? I have done this a few times and wasn’t sure if this LS had any experience with this. Fun – excitement – you can have this. It’s a fun fight definitely need at least 4-5 BLM if not more.

Recommended Strategy

2 NIN/DRK, 2WHM, 1RDM/DRK, 1BRD/WHM for tank PT. Then, a BLM party with a healer to keep them alive from Hurricane Wing, and a melee PT. All members of all parties are to stand on the front 2 feet away from the mouth, just as they would for Fafnir or Nidhogg. For the tank party, and occasionally the other 2 parties, Barfira is highly recommended.


At the start the melee will be responsible for taking off the first 30ish%, and BLM can use small nukes, tier2 and tier3 only. After it takes flight, the RDM can Chainspell Stun while BLM nuke as much as possible. Upon landing, BLMs who do not have hate can move out of the arena area and rest for MP; if a BLM has hate they should stay on one of the front feet until another player has regained hate control. Moving the wyrm around in too many directions may incite a Spike Flail, which is considered a "loss" for the BC. Upon getting MP they can head back into the BC area and continue nuking until the Wyrm is defeated.

Strategy Pros:

Each party is set up for one kind of task, ie tank, nukes and melle.

Strategy Cons:

Spike Flail is considered a loss. If a party can not work as a team the wyrm will move around a lot.
Making this Strategy Better:
You need about +210-220 fire resistance to fully resist its fire AoE attack. With Fire Carol, Barfira, Shellra V and SMN Earthen Ward plus Dream Shroud its Fire AoE should do 0 damage every time. Additional


While extra stuns are helpful, many times the Wyrm will use the TP move that was stunned immediately after stun wears off.
Strategy without using 2 hours:
Tank Party: 2 tanks (pld/nin, nin/drk, rdm/nin all work fine) (tanks should use +Fire Resist gear), WHM (WHM should have Shellra V, capped barspell merits and AF2 legs), SMN, BRD, RDM
BLM Party: BLM x5 and a BRD.
Melee/DD party: at least 2 melee to do a light skillchain; a WHM and then fill the rest of the slots in with other DD
Start the fight just like Fafnir/Nidhogg.
Stand on its feet and fight it down to about 75% HP
At this time do a Light skillchain and everyone magic burst with their strongest Thunder spell.

The Wyrm will take flight at 65%'ish; with 5 BLM you can nuke the Wyrm down to about 40-45% instantly. At this time, all non-tank party leave the area. Get far enough away to not get hit with its AoE attacks. BLM take turns buffing up (Stoneskin, Shell mainly) running in, stand next to the tank party and nuke (Thunder IV or Burst II). If the BLM doesn't pull hate it runs back out of range. Repeat until the Wyrm lands. Then fight once again like Fafnir/Nidhogg. Keep in mind that Wyrm seems to spam TP moves very quickly under 20% HP. Too many wings can spell trouble so take it out fast. Thanks for reading….

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Postby Utsuseni » Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:57 am

count me in, BLM/RDM
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Postby Daemonic » Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:40 am

i'm preatty sure the ls is setting up ks99's this month, it should be on the agenda for next saterday if you wanna take a look. but if you need help i'll be one of the 18 and help you out i guess ive done it 2x before it's fun and definately the hardest of the ks99's
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Postby Oasisserene » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:37 am

Very nice strat.... And yes we are planning to do day a month KS99. As far as wether we are ready for that fight not sure... We could practice that strat on Ouryu first, I would think. Sinc we do have something like 6-8 cloud evokers among member's. I would feel better about using your Themis orb if we had practice on that before hand.
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