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LS Rules

Postby Zechiel » Tue Nov 22, 2005 3:07 am

    No harrasment to other players or other Linkshells.
    No foul language may be used on LS chat.
    No remarks which indicate racism can be made on LS chat.
    No Player Killing (PK) allowed.
    Respect LS Leaders.
    If lotting agreements have been made these should not be broken. (Like BCNM/Garisson)

    You are responcible for your own character. If your character breaks the rules even though you are not playing yourself, actions will still be taken.

    1) You will receive one official warning on the LS. We keep a record of people whom received such warnings. If a rule is broken after an official warning has been given, LS Leaders reserve the right to break the pearl of the person.
    2) After receiving 3 complaints from different people a player can get an official warning. These complaints will also be recorded.

Additional Rules for LS Leaders:
    All leaders should live by the rules posted here and act upon them if needed.
    No pearls should be broken without a proper reason and an official warning.
    If an event has been organised by a certain leader, that person will need to be present ahead of scheduled time.
    A leader is required to participate in events at least once a week. (Given they can come on-line.)

If you disagree with these rules post your comments and we'll discuss it. We're open for changes if this benefits the LS.[/list]
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