Emergencie delt with...

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Emergencie delt with...

Postby Oasisserene » Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:09 pm


OK! So we have problems with our septic tank atm, needs to be emptied.

They will be here in the morning to do this.

The plumber left the huge cement cover off yesterday so i used a large heavy piece of plywood to cover the area until this is done.

Wife comes in freaking out that she just pulled our dog out of it......

Eye's and nose only things sticking out of it when she did pull him out.

OMG! Close call

At this point its time to clean the dog. /cringe

I bathed him with 5-6 different products. Only 1 recipe worked to get the smell out of him.

I had a sec to Google (/em loves Google no matter how powerful they are) lol

Evidently to even get rid of skunk stench and this stench, this recipe works onry

Warm water a gallon
Peroxide 1 cup
Backing soda 1/2 cup
and about a table spoon of dish detergent

I waited for wife to get back from the store picking up the backing soda and peroxide with 2.5 gallons of warm water and dish detergent ready to rock. I tripled the recipe give or take a little.
Let it soak on him for about 5-10 minutes. not sure how long but he was loving he attention once again today. (enough loving from me for 3 months I might add) and lightly rinsed him.

And omg he smells like a dog again. Not sure which I liked better. :P :twisted:

But all is good now.

Sorry for the abrupt leaving, but I had no choice obviously.

Edit... sorry I mentioned this because that recipe is very helpful for many things to clean including your teef /cough dp :P
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