March 2011 Policy Agreement

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March 2011 Policy Agreement

Postby Kaimon » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:24 am

No policy changes yet. Further details to be released prior to server merge.
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Postby Deadpooled » Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:31 pm

+2 upgrade items can now be set-secured/event-secured and one taken from priority point list regardless of having previously set-secured.

During an event you may only acquire ONE +2 completion/secured and must wait until the next event to secure again. If you set-secured at the previous event and did not complete the set but manage to complete it at the next event will NOT qualify you to secure another set at THAT event, you must wait until the next event until you can secure again.

If you have an active set-secure in a different zone, you may event secure at a different zone providing you have enough points to cover the active set-secure and the possible event secured item, basically DO NOT secure if you will end up with negative points as you will lose your previous set-secured item due to not being able to 'pay' for that item.


Point deduction is:-

Priority List Item = 10+3 per (25points legs/hands/feet/head) (34 points for body) - this is a rough guide as initial bid may be higher due to a bid-off between members having item at same position on pplist

set/event = whatever initial winning bid +3 per stone

any questions please ask BEFORE the event start and BEFORE you agree (if you havent already) to the policy
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