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Courtesy Rule Reminder

Postby Oasisserene » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:36 am

chapter 6 Being Courteous
Lotters should keep in mind the following when lotting on an item.

* Lotting on the item if others have more use for it. (Jobwise Effectiveness) Example: O-hat, a nin would have more use for it than a whm
* Lotting on the item if you already have an item and they have not. Example: You already have a piece of Homam equipment and they have not
* Lotting on the item if you've recently received an item. Example: You recently received Hecatomb Body and pass on a piece of Relic AF
* The following will be reviewed if you lotted over someone else:
Usable by that person > Time invested by that person > Jobwise effectiveness
* The December 2007 Main job rule was added to stimulate courtesy.
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