Policy Changes January 2009

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Policy Changes January 2009

Postby Zechiel » Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:31 am

Osode drophandling
The osode will be available on the priority point list and will not be included in the monthly exclusive item list.
It will cost a minimum of 100 points and a minimum of 200 lifetime points is required. In addition, the receiver is to pay 10% of the current value to bank.
It is not allowed to obtain more than 1 Osode.

All members are required to conduct themselves appropriately at all times as representatives of the linkshell during any linkshell or non-linkshell event (eg. Nyzul isle/salvage/merit party etc)

Minimum attendance
A minimum attendance of 3 events a week is required unless a valid reason is given. If no contact has been made with leaders the member will be asked to leave the linkshell.

Grace period
Everyone requires to be present at the start of the event. You have 30 minutes to get ready (Grace period).
At the end of Grace period the event will start. Being late will be regarded as a no-show and counts towards the minimum attendance of 3 events unless its due to real life or the event leader has been notified in advance.
In case there are not enough members or proper jobs at the end of Grace, the event will be cancelled.

It is not allowed to join another LS unless it is an event we haven't got on our agenda. (Like ZNM, Nyzul, Salvage)
Joining another EG LS on your character or your mule is an instant kick from the linkshell unless there is a good reason presented to the LS lead in advance.

Although some leaders will take your job preference into account, you are required to join the LS event on the job requested.
The only exception is to retire your job. In such case read the next paragraph.

Job retirement
If you wish to retire a certain job you forfeit your right to place gear for that job on your priority point list and secure free lots from that job.
Furthermore, if the other 75 jobs you have are not beneficial to the LS, leaders are in their right to break the pearl.

Upgrading Relic
It has been decided we will no longer have zones open for sponsoring.
Instead, we offer all linkshell members who are upgrading -Relic or relic weapons to buy bank currency with a discount.
The discounted currency value will be posted in the Dynamis section and Ricciardo will keep it updated.

The number of Dynamis runs a month will be decreased to:
2x Xarcabard run
2x Dreamland run
1x City/Vote run

Special Events
Special events will now be held several times a month. Specifically:
2x Sunday
2x Friday
For example: JoL / Dynamis Lord / KSNM99 / Bahamut v2

The Thursday slot
Thursday farms have been cancelled. Instead it will be a day members can sanction events on. (ZNMs starting tier 3)
If no sanctioned events take place, it will become an SNM run. Because this is now added to our event schedule, the SCNM drops have been added to your priority point lists.

The number of Limbus runs have decreased a month. 2 fridays will be used for PO and PU and the other fridays will be for high turnout events like Ouryu.

Limbus AF upgrades
Members may come to a 3rd limbus run to secure AF upgrades without entering the zone. This is a service to our members and does not mean we will actually grant you the item.
You may only secure it if no other member who did enter the zone wishes to do so.

Sky popitems
The point reward for the following items has been changed for a limited time:
Autumnstone/Diorite: 10 normal points + 10 sky points
Gem of the West: 10 normal points + 10 sky points
There is a max to how many items each member can farm per week.

Added to priority point list:
- SCH Relic and -1 pieces
- DNC Relic and -1 pieces
- Dynamis Valkurm
- Dynamis Tavnazia (Not selectable for members yet)
- Kirin's Osode
- SCNM Beadeaux drops
- SCNM La Vaule drops
- SCNM Oztroja drops

The Lists become available for editing once the agenda has been approved and posted.
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