Policy Changes July 2008

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Policy Changes July 2008

Postby Zechiel » Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:09 am

The following changes have been made to our policy:

Playing a second account on a second console/pc is allowed under the following conditions:
- You have extensive experience dualboxing those 2 players and jobs.
- You have earned (co-)leader trust of your capacity to dualbox.
- You experience no lag due to dualboxing.
- Both the accounts will prove beneficial to the event.
- You receive items/points for 1 account only.

Some events will require you to focus on 1 player in particular, in such case (co-)leaders will let you know.

You are no longer allowed to dualbox if a horrible mistake during the event is made (due to the dualboxing).

Sponsoring Dynamis
It is now allowed to sponsor certain dynamis zones for currency/attestation. (Not possible to secure AF).
We will only have you sponsor the zone if we are absolutely sure it goes into your Relic weapon. It is not allowed to sponsor a zone for gilmaking.
Therefore, we require you to be at least on stage3 (wiki).

The zone and date of sponsoring will be discusses between leaders and the member requesting. Some zones will be offlimits to sponsor.
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