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Remnants Policy

Postby Zechiel » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:24 am

<ol type="1">
<li><b>Rules in general</b>
<ol type="a"><li>Players and leaders
<ul><li>No harrasment to other players or other Linkshells.
<li>No foul language may be used on LS chat or ventrilo.
<li>No remarks which indicate racism can be made on LS chat or ventrilo.
<li>No Player Killing (PK) allowed.
<li>If lotting agreements have been made these should not be broken.
<li>Respect LS Leaders.
<li> No argueing in LS chat or ventrilo. Take it to a private conversation, if there continue to be problems contact a LS leader.
<li>Furthermore: You are responcible for your own character. If your character breaks the rules even though you are not playing yourself, actions will still be taken.</ul><li>Leaders
<ul><li>All leaders should live by the rules posted here and act upon them if needed.
<li>No pearls should be broken without a proper reason or an official warning.
<li>If an event has been organized by a certain leader, that person will need to be present ahead of scheduled time.
<li>A leader is required to participate in events at least once a week. (Given they can come on-line.)
<li><b>Pearl handling policy</b><ol type="a"><li>Requesting a pearl and trial periods
<ul><li>Place a post on the Applications Forum with your application as a guest. If you are unable to use the www then ask a friend to place the application for you.
<li>While reviewing your application we take into if you can help us as a linkshell and if we can supply the demand of items if you join.
<li>We are only accepting players with endgame experience.
</ul><li>Trial membership<ul><li>A trial membership will last at least 4 weeks and will end if the agreed conditions are met.
<li>Trial members can secure free lot items with points but can not use the priority points list.
<li>During the trial period the pearl can be broken without warning.</ul><li>Breaking of the pearl<ul><li>The warning system:
<ol type="1"> <li>If you are breaking an LS rule according to LS leadership, you will receive an official warning in Linkshell chat. In most cases leaders will give you a private warning first.
<li>If you are breaking an LS rule according to LS leadership once again, you will receive your last official warning in Linkshell chat. After the second warning leaders reserve the right to break the pearl at any given moment. </ul><li>After receiving 3 complaints from different people a player can get an official warning. These complaints will be recorded.
<li>If 75% of LS leadership agree to break your pearl, they can break the pearl without warning.
<li>If LS requires to contact a GM about you, consider your pearl broken.
<li>If you are in your trial period a Leader can break your pearl at any given moment.
<li>If a members in absent without a notice we will post the name in our Inactive section. The member will have 14 days to reply, if there's no reply we will inactivate the account.
<ol type="a"><li>Remnantsbank is where main fund is being kept. Remnantsbank pays for Dynamis runs and items at certain events.
<li> Gil made out of Dynamis or events will currently be invested into the Relic fund.
<li>Sponsoring<ul><li>Remnantsbank sponsors "fun" events like "Catch That Thief" or "The Nudie Run".
<li>Remnantsbank will sponsor CoP statics on meds for missions if the party consists of at least 4 LS members for a max of 50.000 gil a mission.</ul><li>Remnantsbank has certain sets of equipment or lowlevel HQ gear which can be lend to members. We will require collateral for the item(s). Example: Shade gear set.
<li>Linkshell pool items.
We have certain pieces of highend gear which are to be used for LS. These pieces can be of great help to certain jobs and will improve LS efficiency. You may request a piece of gear before an event, however LS leaders will decide before an event who can wear such a piece and the decision is non-debatable. No collateral is required but the items need to be returned as soon as the event is over. Example: Noble's Tunic or Kirin's Osode.
<li>Dynamis Ancient Currency.
Ancient Currency will be lotted by (co-)Leaders and placed into Remnantsbank.
<li><b>Courtesy Rules in general</b><ol type="a"><li>History
If we're gonna do more endgame events, we will need a new system of sorts. The system I am suggesting has been discussed by ffxi and non-ffxi players and relies on honor and trust. - Zechiel 20th of July 2006.
Since that day the Courtesy Rules (CR) have been tweaked and upgraded till the day I write this (December 2nd 2007). CR is our foundation on which Remnants is built.
<li>The Courtesy Rules original system changed into a point based system explained in article 7 "Priority point system". This was a development that happened gradually as we were doing more and more endgame events and our member base grew.
<li><b>Ranks</b><ul><li><u>Trial period</u>: (Read 2.B.)
<li><u>Core member</u>: A member of the linkshell, can act as co-leader on an event if desired and will receive points accordingly
<li><u>Co-Leader</u>: Two co-leaders will be decided before each event by the main leader of the event. Will assist a Leader during events. Keeps track of all points gained and lost during the designated event, as well as AFK's and handling the "minor details". Each task will differ at each event accordingly. Ability to handle drops, points and currency. Can function as Leader aswell and will receive points accordingly. A list of the current co-leaders can be found here.<br>
All questions and /tells are to be directed towards the co-leader and will be filtered and relayed to the official leader if the co-leader deems it necessary. This is very important addition and not following it will be grounds for a loss of points at the leaders discretion. <li><u>Leader</u>: Main leader of the linkshell. Has a pearlsack. Organizes events. A list of the current leaders can be found here.
<li><b>Being Courteous</b>
Lotters should keep in mind the following when lotting on an item.
<ul><li>Lotting on the item if others have more use for it. (Jobwise Effectiveness) Example: O-hat, a nin would have more use for it than a whm
<li>Lotting on the item if you already have an item and they have not. Example: You already have a piece of Homam equipment and they have not
<li>Lotting on the item if you've recently received an item. Example: You recently received Hecatomb Body and pass on a piece of Relic AF
<li>The following will be reviewed if you lotted over someone else:
Usable by that person > Time invested by that person > Jobwise effectiveness
<li>The December 2007 Main job rule was added to stimulate courtesy.
<li><b>Courtesy Rules "Priority Point " points </b><ol type="a"><li>Opportunities for Members to earn points
<ul><li>A member will earn one point for showing up to an event on time. This means being in the zone (and not AFK) at the starting time of the event. The co-leaders of the event will be handling points (discussed further down) and will be sending /tells to each of the members in zone at the starting time posted on the Linkshell Message. This does not mean that if you are on your way at the starting time you will receive the point. You must be in zone and present.
<li>There will be a 30 minute grace period in which a member can show up after the designated start time and receive 1/2 of a point if they stay for the remainder of the event.
<li>All members who showed up on time and remain at the event the whole time will receive an extra point at the end of the event (totaling to two points for the event). Again, this only applies for those who make it on time.
<li>Co-leaders of the event with earn an additional 0.5 point at each event they co-lead for the extra effort they must put forth (totaling to 2.5 since co-leaders should be on time and should stay the whole event) Leaders and task guidelines can be found here.
<li>The official leader of the event will receive 1 additional point for leading the event since it requires much more effort (totaling in 3 points for the event since the leader should be on time and should stay the whole event.) Leaders and task guidelines can be found here.
<li>All Sea/Sky God pop items obtained outside of LS event time and donated to the LS will result in points for each item.
A god popitem can be farmed with multiple people and those present during farm will all receive the point. A (co-)leader should be notified at the start and end of the farm but it is preffered a (co-)leader joins the farm.<ul><li>Sea popitems and points
<li>Sky popitems and points</ul></ul><li>Reserving time on the schedule<ul><li>Any member can choose to save and use 25 points to reserve a time on the schedule to do events like KSNM's (or any other event requiring an alliance or more such as forced pop NM's like Alastor / Shen). The 25 point cost of such events may be split between members if there is more than one interested in using a pop item / orb with a max of 5 people. When such an event is reserved it will then be considered a LS sanctioned event and all methods of gaining and losing points will be in effect. If for some reason the LS fails at the event (losing at a KSNM99) no point deduction will be charged to that person.
<li>You can not gain points at your own event.<li>Requests for sanctioning events should be posted in the apropriate "Help Request" forumsection.</ul><li>Losing Points
<ul><li>Bad behavior or attitude (especially during LS events) is grounds for possible deduction of points. (This includes anything that might slow down the event or goes against what a leader or co-leader asks and is decided on at the leader and co-leaders discretion.)
<li>Any AFK that exceeds 30 minutes without a notice to one of the co-leaders will result in the loss of points gained for that event. (leaders discretion) This only applies when we are on a big event. Dynamis/KSNM 99 etc. AFK does not apply outside of any event you are attending.
<li>Being a leader does not give you the privilege of being late to your own event. You will not receive the point for on time and staying the whole event if you are late, but you will receive the one additional points for leading the event.
<li>No points will be deducted if you do not have access. (Sky, Sea or a certain Dynamis area)
<li>Dropping unannounced from party when there are items in the treasure pool.</ul><li>Point types
<ul><li>Base points
Base points are points obtained during general events, Dynamis and Sky.
<li>Event specific points
"Event specific points" are points obtained outside of regular LS events but related to an event, for example god popitems to sky.
During such events, "Event specific points" will be added on the base points to lot on items. (Event points get substracted first, then base.)
(Popitems farmed during an LS event wont be converted into points, its part of the LS event.)

Example: Nigel has 40 base and 16 points from farming sky popitems in his own time. During sky he'll have 56 points to lot, during Dynamis he'll have 40 points to lot.
An item drops during sky, both Amy and Nigel are lot capable. Amy wishes to spend 12 points but Nigel wants it more and decides to spend 13 points. After obtaining the item he'll have 40+3sky points.

<li> Lifetime Points
Lifetime points (# of points accumulated per person over the course of their stay in remnants) will also be kept track of. (In other words: These are all your spend and unspend points combined.)</ul><li>HNM points<ul><li>HNM camped points work slightly different. You will receive 1 HNM point for being on time and 1 base point for staying till end of camp.</ul><li>Examples by Ramzar

<li><b>Courtesy Rules "Priority Point" drophandling </b><ol type="a"><li> Prioritizing
<ul><li>A member is able to make a wishlist of items with a maximum of 10 on the website. This is a priority list where the most desirable item should be on top.
These items include Dynamis, Sea and Sky and certain HNMs. If the HNM items aren't listed, drops will be decided by Leaders over the members present.
<li>Once priorities are set it is not possible to change it untill the next update. (Once a month)</ul><li>Points<ul><li>Lotting on items will work like bidding at an auction. All drops will be called out before the fight and people that wish to lot will be asked to wager their points. Each member may wager all of their current points to lot an item, but once you receive the item the points will go away. We ask that if you do not wish to lot then do not speak up. Read 8.e"Bidding".
<li>If no one has the item on their priority list, the item will become securable before it is free lot. Read 8.e "Bidding".
<li> On NMs spawned with a popitem, we will do drophandling before the fight. If it is a long fight (for say Kirin) and you know you will be late, you can contact a leader to include you in the drophandling.
<li>Every item on the Priority list will cost 10 points (minimal)
<li>Securing an item starts at 5 points</ul><li> Drophandling will work in this order
<ul><li> Capable of wearing the item > Priority > Points.
This means a member with the item on a higher priority comes first even if someone else has more points.
Capable of wearing means you have a job with a high enough level to equip it.
<li> If you pass the item you may not secure it anymore, nor free lot</ul><li> Drophandling will be handled by the specified leader during an event. It'll happen in 3 phases:
<ul><li>Check priority list. People with the item on the priority list can either pass or lot for 10 points. If multiple members have the item on the same priority "bidding" will commence. (See bidding.)
<li>Check for securing. If the item is not on anyone priority list it will be open for securing. The leader will announce it is "Securable". Bidding will commence, see bidding.
<li>The item will become free lot and from here on out anyone can cast lots. However, please keep in mind some ppl have this job leveled, dont let the item go to waste.</ul><li>Bidding
<ul><li>If the item is lotted on before a leader said it is OK to lot that person is automattically forfitting his lot and may not obtain the item.
<li>Any bids being made must be announced on Linkshell chat or the bid will not count.
<li>After each bid the leader will verify the bid has been made and is the highest bid. If you do not get a verification from the leader the bid is false.
<li>After the leader verified you have spent the points the item is yours. If you passed on the item in the treasure it is your own responcibility.</ul><li>Example:
/linkshell member (and member) have it on priority (#).

/linkshell The item is now securable, please start your bidding on LS chat.

Letting members know who has highest bid.
/linkshell Highest bid: (name) (#)points

Letting members know who may lot.
/linkshell (name) your may lot.

<li>Main job (December 2007)<ul><li>In your profile you can set your main job, it is not editable. You can view your current main job by clicking this link. Drophandling for items for that job remains the same. However, if you wish to bid on an item that is not related to that main job, you will need to spend a fee of points.
This rule is only in effect when there are multiple members bidding. If its is only 1 member expressing interest to secure the fee wont be added.
The fee will be added after you have highest bid or agree to obtain it from your priority point list. The total of points (including fee) can not be less than zero.
<li>Point fee:
+0 points fee: If the item is for your main job
+5 points fee: If the item is not for your main job
+10 points fee: If the item is not for your main job and can not currently wear it. (Want to lot on it for the near future.)
<li>Example situations:
Priority Points list:
SAM AF drops, Wuji and Ramzar have it on their list on 2nd place. Wuji's main job is Samurai, Ramzar's main job is Dancer. Both of them can wear the piece.
- Bidding starts at 10 since they both have it on their list.
- Wuji 11
- Ramzar 12
- Wuji 15
- Ramzar passes. If he wanted to outbid Wuji, he'd have to bid 16 points but a fee of 5 points would be added, which makes his total 21 points.

Free lot:
DRG AF drops, no one has it on their list.
Mattlightning (main job DRG) and Crile (main job PUP, does not have DRG leveled high enough to wear it)
- Mattlightning secures for 5 points
- Crile, master of puppetry, bids 10 points
- Mattlightning bids 11 points
- Crile passes. If he wanted to outbid Matt, he'd have to bid at least 12 points and a fee of 10 points would be added. In which case Crile would spend 22 points.

<li>You can not change your main job once set unless a valid reason has been given.</ul><li> Viewing members point status<ul><li>You are able to view your points, points per event, points spent and your priority list in the Character section.</ul><li> The monthly update
Each month there'll be a Remnants point update, during that period the following will happen:
<ul><li>You will be able to change your Priority list
<li>Reviewing of the Exclusive item list. The lists will be posted in the Policy section.
<li>Members will get points awarded for behaviour and courtesy. Those members will be announced on the website and events they've helped with shall be pointed out.
<li>Prospect of upcoming events will be posted in the Policy section.</ul></ol>
<li><b>Rare items (HNM/Gods)</b><ul><li>Every beginning of the month LS leaders will review certain items. They might ask you to change your priority list if they have proper reasons to do so.<ul><li>Sea gorgets and Jailor weapons. Priority lists will be reviewed every month.
<li>Homam and Nashira. Priority lists will be reviewed every month.
<li>Crimson Cuisses. This item is on a list. You can only get on this list if you have the item on priority 1 or 2. The list will be updated every month and you can view it in the Policy section.
<li>Byakko's Haidate. This item is on a list. You can only get on this list if you have the item on priority 1 or 2. The list will be updated every month and you can view it in the Policy section.
<li>Kirin's Osode. This is a Linkshell pool item. It is not possible to place this item on your priority point list. Osode's will be sold to increase bank funding or members will be able to apply for an Osode if certain conditions are met.
<li>Currently no applications for the Kirin's Osode will be taken.</ul></ul>
<li><b>Privileges</b><ul><li>Synthesis drops can be bought by members with discount.
<li><b>Dynamis</b><ol type="a"><li>Lots will be handled according to the Courtesy Rules "Priority Point&quot; system
<li>Please check out the individual city thread for strategies
<li>Be on time. It affects us all if people show up too late.
<li>After entering Dynamis try to keep LS chat to a minimum and only have puller/tanks chat online.
<li>There is 1 (co-)leader in charge of lotting, do not lot on AF unless this person says you can. The person will state if its a lot between members or a free lot.
(Read 8. "Drophandling")
<li>Try and be on Ventrilo to improve communication.
<li>Assist the designated tank and /autotarget off
<li>Synthesis items are free lot for everyone who does not have an AF piece of the current dynamis area in their priority point list.
<li>Currently it is not possible to sponsor a Dynamis.

The Remnants Team~
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