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Drophandling clarification

Postby Zechiel » Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:34 pm

Drophandling will be handled by the specified leader during an event. It'll go in 3 phases.
1. Check priority list. People with the item on the priority list can either pass or lot for 10 points. If multiple members have the item on the same priority "bidding" will commence. (See bidding.)
2. Check for securing. If the item is not on anyone priority list it will be open for securing. The leader will announce it is "Securable". Bidding will commence, see bidding.
3. The item will become free lot and from here on out anyone can cast lots. However, please keep in mind some ppl have this job leveled, dont let the item go to waste.

- If the item is lotted on before a leader said it is OK to lot that person is automattically forfitting his lot and may not obtain the item.
- Any bids being made must be announced on Linkshell chat or the bid will not count.
- After each bid the leader will verify the bid has been made and is the highest bid. If you do not get a verification from the leader the bid is false.
- After the leader verified you have spent the points the item is yours. If you passed on the item in the treasure it is your own responcibility.

/linkshell member (and member) have it on priority XX.

/linkshell The item is now securable, please start your bidding on LS chat.

Letting members know who has highest bid.
/linkshell Highest bid: name XXpoints

Letting members know who may lot.
/linkshell name your may lot.

*** NOTE: This post is a copy of the old one in "latest news". Decided most of it should be under "Policy".
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