October Exclusive item list

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October Exclusive item list

Postby Zechiel » Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:01 am

We carefully went over the previous list and those that have the items on priority 1 or 2. We based the order on previous month activity and job availability during events.
The blue marked names are likely to receive the item this month if they are present.

1. Gideon
2. Ramzar
3. Harent

4. Mastak
5. Celicaa
6. Gothen
7. Robthunder
8. Cetanu
9. Robert

Removed from the exclusive item list, goes to Remnantsbank.

crimson cuisses:
1. urt
2. crile

3. deadpooled

shura togi
Removed from the exclusive item list, will be priority points.
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